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Forwarding Dallas

Earlier this year, Dwell editor Aaron Britt traveled down to Dallas, Texas, for a design charrette with Re:Vision Dallas. The project is a collaboration between Urban Re:Vision and the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation that aims to turn a downtown Dallas city block into a beacon of sustainable building and urban design. In June, the three finalists were announced, and yesterday, the big winner debuted: a design by Portuguese team Atelier Data & MOOV.
December 3, 2009
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Solar: Lease or Own?

One of the most common obstacles to going green is upfront costs (though we all know the long-term savings are plentiful). Many new homes are built solar-ready, with intentions of installing panels once the construction loans are paid down. In April 2008, SolarCity, a Foster City, California-based solar energy company, launched SolarLease to offer residents a way to immediately capture savings from solar power.
August 19, 2009
LA freeway

Building a Green Collar LA

Dwell in Design is a mere three weeks away and we're getting excited to welcome dozens of speakers and thousands of visitors to the LA Convention Center for the big weekend. On Friday June 26, the Dwell editors will moderate a day of panels based on the sections of the magazine. I'm very much looking forward to Off the Grid, in which I'll talk with three experts about sustainability and the green collar economy in Los Angeles.
June 4, 2009
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All Aboard

Helmut Jahn’s dynamic new supportive-housing facility brings green design and a new outlook on life to the Windy City.
May 13, 2009
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Pole Star

By creatively manipulating the angles and levels of exterior surfaces on this modest Polish country house, architect Peter Kuczia achieved exceptionally high solar exposure, increasing its capacity to gain energy from the sun.
May 13, 2009
The campaign for the greenest school in America: yet another reason why hope lies in youth.

Teaching by Example

When the Charlottesville Waldorf School bought 13 undeveloped acres outside Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2002, the idea was simply to build a permanent home for the school’s 130 students, replacing the rented space closer to the center of town that the school had outgrown.
April 13, 2009
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Sierra Club Green Home

In 1892, when John Muir founded the Sierra Club, the only "web" he knew about was the kind spun by spiders, and social networking was something people did by riding horse-drawn buggies between each other's houses. But Muir's seminal environmental conservation organization has kept up with the pace of change.
April 4, 2009
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Project FROG's 21st Century Buildings

If FEMA didn't drum up enough of a bad reputation with its immediate response to Hurricane Katrina, the nails certainly went into the coffin as word spread of the abominable conditions inside the government-issue trailers that became housing, office, and school facilities after the disaster. Perhaps the only thin silver lining was the extent to which these missteps raised public awareness about indoor air quality and toxic materials—not just in trailers but throughout the built environment.
April 1, 2009
containr vancouver cinema

Container Cinema

As part of the cultural countdown to the winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010, media art group Springboard—a trio composed of architect Robert Duke, designers Keith Doyle and Iain Sinclair, and artistic directors Nicole Mion and Evann Seibens—created containR, a traveling art film house.
March 23, 2009