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From Stockholm, With Love

The problem with loving all things Scandinavian is that for those of us in the United States, the objects of our affection are at least 4,000 miles away. While some larger companies make Scandinavian design available internationally, it's much more difficult to discover and get a hold of the work of independent designers. That's why Tiffany Orvet recently launched from Sthlm (, a website that helps connect design-lovers around the world with the work of independent Swedish designers by featuring the work of one designer each month.
April 29, 2009
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Touring Switzerland: Day 2

The sunny weather we enjoyed yesterday has evaporated, and once-sunny Zurich is rainy and gray. After checking out of Hotel Greulich we started our busy program by heading over to Pro Helvetia, a firm dedicated to promoting Switzerland for a lecture on historical and contemporary Swiss design.
April 28, 2009
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Touring Switzerland: Day 1

I got into Zurich around 9:00 AM on Sunday, rather wiped out from my flight from San Francisco via Newark. Fading, but anxious to get out and see the town, I called up Zurich-based architect Felix Oesch, who designed the house in Eglisau, Switzerland, which ran in our February 09 Prefab Issue. He and his afghan, Giselle, picked me up at my Swiss Kreis 4 hotel for a stroll about town.
April 28, 2009
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Seoul Living Design

South Korea recently hosted the 15th Annual Seoul Living Design Fair as part of their lead-up to their one-year term as the World Design Capital in 2010. Sergio Pirrone, a Tokyo-based architect, photographer, and writer, attended the show and captured the works of leading Korean designers such as Bae Dae Yong, Choi Si Yuong, Jeon Shi Hyoung. Click the “View Slideshow” link about to see some of the designs that were on display.  
April 27, 2009
Interior designer Katherine North sheds some light on window shades.

Katherine North Reviews 5 Shade Designs

There’s no reason to treat your modern window with an outdated fashion. These shade designs will augment, not obstruct, your sensibilities.
April 24, 2009
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Friday Finds 4.24.09

Late April is bringing a lot of travel for the Dwell crew. Sam and Jordan are in Milan at Salone del Mobile, Miyoko is headed to Houston tomorrow to report a story for our October issue, Aaron jets off to Switzerland in a few days for a tour of Swiss design...Those of us here in San Francisco are lamenting (or am I the only one?) the end of an epic heat wave and doing our travel via internet exploration. Here are some weekly finds from the editors and designers.
April 24, 2009
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From Milan: Everyday Life Shop

Despite the fact that the small corner storefront was a bit off the beaten path for foot traffic, not listed in the Interni guidebook, and actually a few doors down and around the cobbled bend from the address being advertised, we managed to find the Everyday Life Objects Shop in Milan yesterday (and I’m glad we did).
April 24, 2009
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Off to Switzerland

I'm headed off to Switzerland on Saturday to take part in the Presence Switzerland Design and Innovation tour. I've never been before, but the itinerary is chockablock with the tiny nation's architecture and design leaders, from the Vitra Design Museum to the Freitag store (pictured below) in Zurich, constructed of shipping containers.
April 23, 2009
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From Milan: Q&A with Shigeru Ban

Boldly declaring “One Chair Is Enough,” Artek, the Finnish company founded in part by legendary architect Alvar Aalto, today introduced a new product line, the 10-Unit System by Shigeru Ban. Two years ago the Japanese architect’s Pavilion constructed from UPM ProFi, a wood-like composite made from the glue-soaked bits of trimmed envelopes, caused a stir among those interested in the material boundaries of sustainable design. Following in the spirit of that design, the 10-Unit System is the first furniture design to be produced with the unique material. Dwell sat down with Ban to discuss the launch of the line.
April 23, 2009