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Explore - Design

  1. Niels Diffrient

    Niels Diffrient is an American furniture designer most known for his ergonomic designs.


  2. Peter Jon Pearce

    Peter Jon Pearce is a Product Designer specializing in high-performance design. By that, Pearce means design in which form, structure, process, and materials are fully integrated to create ...


  3. Jeff Weber


  4. Lorena Siminovich

    Lorena Siminovich (born in Buenos Aires) is a San Francisco based artist, designer, and illustrator. With a background in graphic design and an extensive career as an art director, she became inte...


  5. Tanja Sipila

    Tanja Sipilä is a Finnish designer who's ingenious milk and sugar set 'Newton' for Tonfisk has got world-wide recognition. Tanja is now part of the Finnished based design consultancy...


  6. Stella Hackett

    Stella Hackett recently completed an MA in Arts Administration at Goucher College in her ongoing quest to contribute to the development and management of Barbados' cultural landscape. She also...


  7. Peter Nitsch

    Peter Nitsch

    Peter Nitsch got his start in the early eighties German Skater scene. He is co-founder of Playboard Magazine, ADDICTED TO SNOW, rupa design, and rupa media, and has won several international awards...


  8. Karl Zahn

      Karl Zahn is a freelance product designer living in Brooklyn NY. He created the website as a ...


  9. Matali Crasset

    Matali Crasset is a French industrial designer.


  10. Cynthia Vardhan

    Born USA 1980  BA College of William & Mary MFA Rochester Institute of Technology Currently based in Columbus, Ohio My body of work is diverse in intention and themes, but unified by...


  11. Matt Pugh

    Bath based designer Matt Pugh designs and produces contemporary furniture and accessories. With longevity in mind he creates timeless, well made, unique pieces from quality susta...


  12. Knud Holscher

        Knud Holscher Design create products, graphics and strategies in respectful cooperation with our clients. Our starting point is to get to know our clientwell, to figure out how we - ...


  13. Paige Russell

    Made in Canada, Paige grew up surrounded by nature’s wonders and a creative family that provided inspiration, encouragement, and plenty of cardboard boxes. With these, she established an ear...


  14. Emanuele Pizzolorusso

    2008 MA Industrial Design with honours Politecnico di Milano, Italy   JOBS Currently freelance 2009 Odoardo Fioravanti Studio 2006 Deepdesign Studio     AWARDS AND EXHIBITION 2009 E...


  15. Josh Owen

    Josh Owen was born in the United States in 1970. The son of an archaeologist, he spent the summers of his youth on excavations in the Middle East. Owen holds a BFA in Sculpture and a BA in Visual...


  16. Dave Marcoullier

    dave marcoullier is a certified arborist and landscape designer, and much of his work is an extension of those two disciplines....


  17. Mimi Kirchner

    I am a Boston-based fiber artist. I live with my husband- Ben Hyde- in a Victorian era (1892) 2-family house. I have 3 kids who are mostly grown up and doing their own things. I graduated from...


  18. Stephanie Housley

     Designer and founder Stephanie Housley is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. She has been living and working in New York as a textile designer, specializing in woven fabrics....


  19. Anthony Burrill

    Anthony Burrill’s persuasive, up-beat illustration and design has been commissioned by cultural, social and commercial clients around the world from New York, to London to Tokyo. He has al...