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Explore - Design

  1. Seth Rolland

    Seth Rolland works from his studio in Port Townsend, WA, an hour and a half from Seattle.    Visitors are welcome, please contact Seth to arrange a time fo...


  2. José A. Gandía


  3. Stacy Pancake

    Born and raised in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Southwestern elements and organic symmetries are the design inspiration throughout Stacy’s work. Her signature style is urbane and metropolitan,...


  4. Michael Leon

    ‘Saying that Michael Leon has been influential to the worlds of both design and skateboarding – and design within skateboarding – would be an understatement.  While still in...


  5. Marc Maiorana

    Iron Design Company was established to promote modern designs in hand formed iron objects by metal worker: Marc Maiorana. Marc learned blacksmithing from his father and earned a BFA in...


  6. Anki Spets

    Anki Spets is the founder and principal designer of Area, a New York–based company that creates bedding and home accessories. The Swedish designer promotes a decidedly Scandinavian design aesthetic...


  7. Jorre van Ast

    Jorre van Ast finished the 'Product Design'™ course at the Royal College of Art in London in 2006. After graduating he started working as independent designers from his studio in London,...


  8. Jermy Pyles


  9. Debbie Millman

    debbie millman Location: new york city, United States Debbie has been in the design business for 25 years. She is a Partner and President of the Design division at Sterling Brands, one of the l...


  10. Marc Berthier

    (French, born 1935)


  11. Marilyn Neuhart


  12. Amrita Takhar

    Amrita Takhar

    Amrita Takhar was born in Edmonton, Alberta and made her way to New York via Toronto, London and Johannesburg. Her travels, studies and work experience have helped guide her interdisciplinary appro...


  13. Pablo Pardo

    Pablo Pardo

    Pablo was formed in 1993 by Venezuelan born industrial designer Pablo Pardo and has established its studio in San Francisco. A 1986 graduate from the University of Cincinnati's renowned industrial...


  14. Denis Santachiara

    Denis Santachiara

    An anomalous designer and an outsider of the international outline of design, he began his career marrying in his work the art and design.  This was exposed in the following exhibitions:...


  15. Roger Allen

    Constantly enamored by the small shiny objects that usually remain unnoticed in life, I have strived to make the seemingly simple stand out.


  16. Axel Schmid

    Axel Schmid

    Axel Schmid was born in 1971 in Nassau/Bahamas. After a practical training in metal and wood working, he studied industrial design at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Stuttgart in the...


  17. Gustav Hallên

    Gustav Hallén Industrial designer SD Industrial designer Gustav Hallén has got a bachelors degree in industrial design and a master degree in ...


  18. Biagio Cisotti

    Born in Puglia in 1955. He works and lives in Florence where he graduated in Architecture in 1980. Since 1989 he has taught Technology of Production at the I.S.I.A. (Superior Institute for the...