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Friday Finds 4.17.09

For this installment of the Week in Review, the Dwell team found inspiration in the far reaches of the Web—from attachable pants-protectors for cyclists to tile designs from the London Underground—as well as close to home in the slideshows from our new May 2009 issue, which hit the stands and the pixels of this week.
April 17, 2009
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Fitzsu at Dwell on Design 09

At this year's Dwell on Design, we’re taking to the stage our new Design Finder section (premiering in our May 2009 issue). I’m excited to announce that joining the panel will be one half of the duo behind the modern design website and shop, Fitzsu, co-owner Fitz.
April 12, 2009
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A+R Owners at DoD 2009

Dwell has a new section called Design Finder, which premieres soon in our May 2009 issue and will come to life in June at Dwell on Design 2009. For the magazine and the show, we pick our favorite design stores and ask their owners how the stores were started, what their criteria are for choosing a product to sell, what item they’re currently longing for, and more.
April 9, 2009
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Dwell Design Competition Phase II

The time has come, folks. Phase One of Dwell's Innovate It! Contest is over and we've selected the winning submissions that will launch us into Phase Two. We chose three excellent suggestions for everyday objects that need an update and we now invite you to submit your redesign proposals to the Innovate It! Design Competition. Tell us how to make these objects better! And the winners are...
April 9, 2009
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Urban PUMA

One of the wonderful things about living in an unhinged time is that no one has any clue what's cool anymore. When we're all trying to keep our heads above water, any idea for making life better is worth a look. Case in point: the PUMA concept vehicle, recently revealed at the New York Auto Show. PUMA stands for "Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project," a fancy acronym for a geeky all-electric rickshaw jointly developed by GM and Segway – the  most unlikely corporate partnership this side of  Cheez-Whiz and Lipitor.
April 9, 2009
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Time To Design: Young Talent Award

Attention, young designers! Here's a very cool opportunity from the Danish National Workshops for Arts and Crafts, Normann-Copenhagen and Link UP. It's an award called Time To Design, now in its second year, geared toward supporting promising young design talent from around the world by providing a generous grant, a 3-month residency in Copenhagen (with a studio and a host of mentors), a 2-week exhibition, and some career coaching from design experts.
April 8, 2009
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Friday Finds 4.3.09

This week with spring settling in, the Dwell editors took inspiration from flowers made of leather and wood, and architectural landmarks made of fruity gelatininous desserts, among other things.
April 3, 2009
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A Tale of Two Tiny Cars

Now that gas prices in the U.S. are hovering around two dollars a gallon, what's happened to green driving?
March 24, 2009
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Friday Blog-Spotting

Today begins's Friday round-up series, in which the editors take a look back at our week in Web-reading and call out a favorite post from the blogosphere. Check out this week's editors' picks.
March 20, 2009