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January 27, 2011
Design Prize Crop

Talking Swiss Design in LA

I'll be down in Los Angeles tomorrow, January 27th at 6:00 PM, to moderate a discussion on Swiss design at the A+D Museum. The free talk kicks off an exhibition highliting the winners of the biannual Swiss Design Awards. The tour of these 2009 award-winning objects is coming to a close, with two final stops in LA and San Francisco. I'll be joined onstage by Heidi Wegener director of the Swiss Design Awards, prize winner Sandra Kaufmann a designer with Strada del Sole, and prize winner Colin Schaelli of Design Bureau Colin Schaelli to talk about the awards, the direction of Swiss design, and how a tiny country is making a bit global impact. Here's a chat Heidi and I had the other day to whet your appetite. Hope to see you there!
January 26, 2011
Moma Sale Zaha Crop

Massive Book Sale at MoMA

Put down your Kindles, New Yorkers, and head straight to MoMA to buy some books. A giant half-off sale of some 1200 titles starts today. But you can't get them online (Boo!), you'll have to show up in person.The sale runs through February 15th, but for first crack, hustle on over.
January 25, 2011
Outdoor Kitchen by Studiomama

Studiomama's Outdoor Kitchen

A weekend always cries for a DIY project. For those with dreams of the warmer days that are still several months away, Nina Tolstrup—aka Studiomama—has the perfect project to keep you busy: the Outdoor Kitchen.
January 21, 2011
ff 012111

Friday Finds 1.21.11

It's Friday, you know what that means—our weekly round-up of art, photography, architecture, music, and design finds.
January 21, 2011
Yes Please More

Yes Please More

While the United States is leaps and bounds behind Europe when it comes to publicly funding the arts and design, the city of Denver and Yes Please More are doing their best to encourage creative entrepreneurs. Working with the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, Brian Corrigan and Samuel Schimek launched pop-up shop Yes Please More in 2010 to coincide with the annual Create Denver week. Since then, they've helped develop a creative grants program, are in the works on a co-working space, and are running the third iteration of the shop. Click through our slideshow to learn more.
January 18, 2011
lf thumb

Lost & Found in LA: Part 2

If you liked what you saw in my previous report on Lost & Found in Los Angeles, then check out this slideshow: a roundup of owner Jamie Rosenthal's favorite items in the shop, along with her thoughts on what makes these pieces unique. Some great gift ideas in here! All available for purchase online.
January 17, 2011
kish james portrait sofa

Room for Improvement

A few months back, we asked for images of sad-sack living rooms in need of a good sprucing up. We requested photographic evidence and were not disappointed—–snapshots of saggy sofas, mismatched hand-me-downs, and cluttered coffee tables flooded in. After a round of voting, a grand-prize winner was selected and a bounty of brand-spanking-new furniture was selected, delivered, and installed. Here we present a glimpse of the process of transforming grand-prize winner James Kish's Hoboken condo into a crisp and tailored apartment.
January 15, 2011

Inventables: Materials Database

Zach Kaplan is looking out for the little guys. In 2002, he launched Inventables, an extensive library of high-tech materials from manufacturers and innovators like Dupont and 3Form. The initial price tag on a subscription to the database—$70,000-$350,000—limited access to everyone but Fortune 500 companies, Kaplan says. So in 2010, inspired by the upsurge in DIYism and maker culture, he tossed out the sky-high membership rates and tossed all the information and products online—for free. "We wanted to democratize access to all this interesting research we've done over the last eight years," Kaplan says. The result is a prototyping designer's dream: an inventors hardware store where small quantities of samples can be purchased with the click of the button and the cash in your wallet (many materials costs less then $20). "When you're a really big company, suppliers will bend over backwards to do whatever you want them to do but if you're a small company it's see you later," Kaplan says. "Designers, artists, inventors, students—we think of them as little R&Ds. They have all the passion, energy, and drive. We want to get these materials into their hands." Click through our slideshow for 14 materials available on that have Kaplan's juices flowing—from rubber glass to translucent concrete.  
January 11, 2011