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ebony snow chafey

Ebony Snow Chafey

Owner and creative director Ebony Snow Chafey cofounded the Chicago-based design and stationery firm Snow & Graham in the spring of 1998. One successful decade later, her firm does more than $2 million worth of business each year, producing cards, calendars, stationery, notebooks, and even wallpaper. One of Chafey’s stated goals is “to put good design in everybody’s hands,” and that includes producing “big, bold, modern” holiday cards you could even send to Grandma. Amazingly, Chafey was once a welder, studying sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago—but this somewhat brutal background is impossible to detect in the simple and often mesmerizing lines of Snow & Graham’s design. Chafey invited Dwell into her busy Chicago workspace for the following Q&A.  
March 11, 2010
Tucker Lamp Package Crop

Tucker Lamp by Tucker Waugh

I was perusing the perpetually well done output of Working Class Studio, a division of the Savannah College of Art and Design, the other day and came across a lovely lamp by furniture designer and SCAD alum Tucker Waugh. The eponymous Tucker Lamp cuts a nice modern profile, lights the room from both above and below, and at a very economical $110 certainly makes it the best single way to make your well Ikea-ed friends envious without a Ligne Roset budget.
March 4, 2010
smokin pots th4 ridge sahara griffinxl nature  planters

Gardening Products: Modern Portable Planter Pots

Today’s planters are smarter than ever. They breathe, they drain, and some even light up. So whether your thumb is as green as the plants you’re pruning or as brown as the compost you feed them, your garden should grow with the help of these...
February 26, 2010
brook farm general store

Brook Farm General Store

If you've been longing for the timeless kitchen and home goods stocked on the shelves of Labour and Wait in East London but aren't in the UK (and thus can't have them shipped to you), Brook Farm General Store is for you. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the shop opened in June 2009 as a "modern, one-stop general store for our neighborhood," owners Philippa Content and Christopher Winterbourne say.
February 19, 2010
polderceramics atelierNL

Drawn From Clay

Increasingly, consumers like to know the source of the things they buy and products are often sold with information that goes beyond mere "Made in the USA" labels to tell the story of the item's origins. The Dutch ceramics company Atelier NL has taken this concept to its most pared down conclusion, designing a line of ceramics made from clay collected on farms around the Netherlands and stamped with a geo-ID tag.
February 12, 2010
Snaidero Skyline Universal Design Kitchen thumbnail

Snaidero Universal Design Kitchens

Universal design doesn't need to be ugly--and, more so, shouldn't be. Done well, it's undifferentiated design for the whole population, for disabled and nondisabled people alike, as Graham Pullin, the author of Design Meets Disability, says in Universal Design 101, which he penned for Dwell's March 2010 kitchen-themed issue. Eight years ago, Italian kitchen company Snaidero adapted this belief and set out to create an attractive kitchen collection called Skyline.
February 10, 2010
kiosk shoes

Kiosk's Groundhog Collection

It's been a couple of days since the groundhog saw his shadow, but at Kiosk, it's Groundhog Day for a little bit longer. The poster store of eclectic collections assembled a special (and international) one for this lowly holiday, each object referencing nature in some [often tongue-in-cheek] way.
February 8, 2010
rob forbes portrait

Public, from Rob Forbes

Rob Forbes is best known as the founder of the much beloved modern shop Design Within Reach. What people may not know is that Forbes has an abiding love of urban design, mobility, and most especially, bicycles. Forbes's newest venture is called Public and it's all about enabling and encouraging these passions. We talked to Forbes about mission-driven business, carlessness, and amateur modeling.
February 5, 2010
Farley David portrait

David Farley: Emergency Design

When Anatomic Global CEO David Farley saw Anderson Cooper reporting from Haiti for CNN, he sprang into action, sending 3,000 WorldBeds (the cot-size mattresses his company originally developed to aid Hurricane Katrina victims) to aid in the relief efforts. He's gearing up to send 29,500 more beds to Haiti within the next few months and hopes, with the help of sponsorship, to have 200,000 beds there in the next six to eight months. We spoke to Farley about his design and efforts.
February 4, 2010