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  1. London Design Festival Recap
    Travel Reports

    London Design Festival Recap

    As with most trade fairs, it was difficult to find dense clumps of strong design at the London Design Festival; instead gems were dispersed throughout. When an object did stand out, the work was...

    written by: Shonquis Moreno
    photos by: Shonquis Moreno

  2. Furniture Designer Spotlight: La Chance
    In The Modern World

    Furniture Designer Spotlight: La Chance

    An enterprising duo mines their respective creative and business backgrounds to create a furniture collection with French roots and universal appeal.

    written by: Shonquis Moreno

  3. 6 Illuminating Reading Lamps
    Product Reviews

    6 Illuminating Reading Lamps

    If your manuscript is far from being illuminated, it’s time to drop the task at hand and find a new lamp to read by.

    written by: Shonquis Moreno