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lindeman scheublin

Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin

Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin's wood and ceramics workshop is located within designer Piet Hein Eek’s building, a former Philips factory in Eindhoven that was remodeled in 2010 into a furniture factory, restaurant, and several storefront ateliers. Lindeman’s and Scheublin’s work displays a kinetic quality. “We like to be artfully expressive, but the goal is to make products that function in everyday life,” Lindeman says. “It’s not only about the object but also about how it creates moods and lets your imagination play.”
April 24, 2013
bbd vecchetti milan

Best Booth Designs at Salone 2013

As you may have noticed, Dwell is in Milan this week to scout for new furniture, accessories, and lighting at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and the various satellite fairs around town. It's a veritable circus of design: Last year, over 330,000 visitors ascended on the fairground at Rho, and the experience comprises way more than a sofa here or lamp there. Companies spend years developing the products and prototypes they unveil in Milan, and just as much thought goes into the exhibition design. Designers like Luca Nicchetto (remember that name; you'll be hearing it a lot more!) and Konstantin Grcic introduce a handful of products each year, and booths to boot. Take a look at some of our favorites.
April 12, 2013
wireflow vibia levy milan

Spotlight on Arik Levy Lighting at Euroluce

Each spring in Milan, contemporary designers present new work they've been refining with parent companies for at least two years (the typical gestation period for one product or piece furniture). And every year, a handful of names crop up again and again: the Bouroullecs, Konstantin Grcic, Oki Sato Nendo, Piero Lissoni, Paola Navone. One such name is Arik Levy, the Paris-based, Israeli-born designer who's worked with almost every big name in the business, from Vitra to Living Divani. At the 2013 fair, we spotted a variety of Levy designs including several great lighting pieces at Euroluce.
April 12, 2013
lorenza bozzoli bcard

7 Facts About Moooi Designer Lorenza Bozzoli

Milan-based designer Lorenza Bozzoli has a background in fashion and an aesthetic to match: colorful, poppy, and au courant. You last saw her work in Dwell's April Indoor-Outdoor issue in the form of her playful Fedro seat for Dedon. While we're scouting news and furniture this week in Milan, we had the chance to chat with Lorenza about what it's like working for one of the major contemporary manufacturers (in this case, Moooi) and what it's like living in Milan during the off-fair-season.
April 8, 2013
Asterix lighting by Raymond Barberousse

Brass Lighting by Raymond Barberousse

We've been hitting a brassy note lately, as evidenced by our recent round up of six products made of the gold-like alloy. Chicago based designer and architect Raymond Barberousse ups the ante with his swoon-worthy lighting fixtures. Simple and thoughtful, all pieces are handmade to order and can be purchased here. Click on through to see six of our favorite fixtures!
April 1, 2013
tom dixon gem group

Tom Dixon’s New Collection for Salone 2013

Tom Dixon’s latest collection for Milan in a few weeks is called Rough and Smooth with eight new product families. Dwell wants all of them. For more Tom Dixon products, see his 2013 Stockholm design week pendant lamp, and classic copper shade light.
March 27, 2013
molo lamp

Molo's New Cloud Lamps

We've been following molo, the Vancouver-based design firm, for quite some time now, featuring their soft collection previously on and bestowing our Best of Show award on their booth at the 2011 Dwell on Design event in Los Angeles. So it was with much excitement that we learned about their latest addition to their line of creative honeycombed paper structures, the cloud floor and table softlights, which were announced yesterday.
March 27, 2013
w reading lamp

Product Spotlight: Strek Collective's W1 & W2 Lamp

Dim corners and the reading headaches that come with them, begone! The W Lamp Series designed by Norwegian-based Strek Collective winsomely lights up any space.
March 26, 2013
urquiolapendantlamp 0

Pinterest Board of the Day: Lighting Design

Follow the light! From classics like Tom Dixon pendants to emerging lighting concepts, be sure to join the Dwell Pinterest board devoted to modern lighting design. Here, enjoy a peek at six of our current favorites.
March 19, 2013