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Elitis Kandy Wallpaper

New-Wave Wallpapers

Wallpaper often comes with negative connotations of frenetic patterns and faded fruit borders, but a new wave of wallpaper design offers modern alternatives to plain paint and plaster. Click through the slideshow to see the eight designs we are digging right now.
June 1, 2012
knock-off furniture designs argument

The Real Cost of Rip-Offs

Knockoff furnishings may be cheap, but for the design industry, they come with a heavy price.
May 22, 2012
Novak Djokovic Logo

Novak Djokovic: Behind the Logo

Last year we took a look at tennis great Roger Federer's personal logo (bit of a snooze, frankly), so with the unveiling of top-ranked Novak Djokovic's new logo, I thought we'd check back in. And as Djokovic has gone the extra mile as to have a short video created that demystifyies the logo-designing process, I thought I'd share that, too. Novak hasn't veered too far from Federer territory design-wise. An interlocking N and D comprise his mark, just as an R and an F make up Federer's. But Djokovic seems to be reaching toward some Balkan past (he's Serbian) as filtered through the opening credits of a spy movie for his typeface. The Joker has always had a dramatic streak, but if his flashy duds are any indication, he won't opt for Federer's restraint. Have a look at the video. 
May 17, 2012
ff aaron 041312

Friday Finds 04.13.12

Yet another week has flown by and the weekend is upon us. Below we share some of our favorite discoveries, which include a go-to app for karaoke fiends, a concrete pendant lamp that looks like paper, and a documentary on the stratospheric real estate market in San Francisco. First off, a stormy shot of the Bay Bridge, or, as it seems to appear, the massive lightning rod connecting San Francisco and Oakland.
April 13, 2012
Huntington NoPepper

Play Ball: Huntington Baseball Co.

Now that the season is on, any good design fan is mulling over precisely how to get just a bit more baseball into his home decor. Moderation, fellow fans! Tempting as it may be to move that collection of pennants out of junior's room and into the foyer, there is a better solution for the sporting modernist: the work of Huntington Baseball Co. No game is as ripe with nostalgia, and even the most ardent minimalist will find something to like in the clean typography of Huntington's collection of paper goods. And as the corporate bloat of Major League Baseball's marketing machine rumbles on, you'll be forgiven for hankering for a simpler time with simpler gear. Check out our slideshow for the posters, coasters, and scorebooks that bring just the right does of the old time diamond into the home. 
April 12, 2012
ff kelsey 040612

Friday Finds 04.06.12

Get your daily dose of design by scrolling through Friday Finds. Below we share the Miami Marlins' new stadium, one man's ode to Titanic, and a swoon-worthy waxed canvas bag.
April 6, 2012
design voices dror benschetrit

Anna Carnick's Design Voices

In her new e-book, Design Voices, Anna Carnick puts eight designers—Milton Glaser, Massimo Vignelli, Stefan Sagmeister, Giulio Cappellini, Ross Lovegrove, Tokujin Yoshioka, Dror Benshetrit, and Maarten Baas—in the hot seat and asks them about what it means to be a designer today. The interviews took place over the course of two months late in 2011, and the responses act as a barometer to the myriad ways some of the leading design practitioners think about their profession and their role in the design world at large. Below is an excerpt from her interview with Dror Benshetrit, whose QuaDror system we featured in our December/January issue. To purchase the book, click here.
April 1, 2012
seinfood monks

Seinfood Posters

No Soup for You, the marble rye, Junior Mints in the operating theater, Kenny Roger's chicken, Mackinaw peaches, the big salad. Seinfeld never skimped on the food jokes, and a new show of 20 prints entitled "Seinfood" by the artist Rinee Shah, celebrates the best ones. "Seinfood" is up now at the San Francisco kitchenwares store Pot+Pantry through March 10th. "I didn't really have an exact direction I wanted to go in," she told me, "but then I remembered an old idea I had about making Seinfeld posters and it suddenly all came together. I tried to hit the sweet spot of referencing the show enough for fans to get it but still be enjoyable if you've never seen an episode." The prints are available at Pot+Pantry as well as online here. They're sweeter than a chocolate babka.
February 28, 2012
Paper goods from Paris for Maison & Objet

Printed Matter from Paris to Toronto

One of the fringe benefits of traveling to design shows is collecting the printed ephemera made by creative pros, from business cards to catalogs to pamphlets. I just got back from a trip to Paris for Maison & Objet, followed by the Interior Design Show in Toronto; not terribly surpising that both yielded some unexpected, thrlling discoveries in the realm of graphic design. In our slideshow, take a look at a few of the printed goodies I found, including the best of the brochures from each show and a smattering of cartes de visite.
February 2, 2012