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Beer A Genuine Collection of Cans book

Beer: The Designs of Drinking

Wine labels have recently received acclaim for their more astute designs so its high time beer branders were awarded the same salute. A new coffee table-topper from Chronicle Books, Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans, peers into the 1,400-plus collection of beer can-enthusiast John Russo and presents nearly 500 of the most interesting finds that represent craft breweries now out of business and iconic brands that have continually altered their image throughout the last half decade. Compiled by Dan Becker (Russo's stepson) and Lance Wilson, the book is a glimpse of drinking days of yore and an ode to the long lost cone top and crowntainer cans. Bottoms up!
January 20, 2011
Project Projects, "Re-Shuffle/Notions of an Itinerant Museum," 2006. Installation at Art in General, New York.

Wide White Space

Today the exhibition 'The Way Beyond Art: Wide White Space' opens at the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts in San Francisco (through February 5). The show, which investigates graphic design’s evolving relationship with the visual arts and the work of both artists and curators, was organized by the CCA’s undergraduate Graphic Design Program, the Graduate Program in Design, and Jon Sueda, a CCA graphic design professor and founder of the San Francisco design practice Stripe. Sueda took a break from installing the exhibition to answer a few questions about the show and its accompanying lecture series.
January 20, 2011
Wayfinder, a new wall covering design by Mike and Maaike, is meant to serve a functional purpose within the context of architecture.

These Walls Can Talk

Congratulations, wallpaper…you no longer look or feel like my grandmother’s living room. Freed from a past of gauche ubiquity, wallpaper is now beautifully designed and updated with modern flair and functionality. Designers Mike & Maaike have taken wallpaper a step further by incorporating the basic universal communication system as a graphic element. It’s called Wayfinder. It can be used to guide people through complex transportation centers and office buildings. Or, simply direct people towards basic necessities such as…the bathroom.
January 14, 2011

Inside HeadHoods' Workshop

On a cold winter's day a few weeks back, I boarded a train to Brooklyn where I met Clinton Van Gemert and his girlfriend Martha. Clinton is the brains behind HeadHoods, a unique brand of hoodies that feature iconic faces (Grace Jones, Gumby, sock monkeys). I went to see the clothing, but I left snapping only images of his workspace. It's cluttered and curated with art, objects, furniture, books, and instruments. It would take weeks to fully take everything in, and I hope my images do the chaotic expressions of his art justice.
January 12, 2011
gnoel holiday card

Merry Christmas!!

We here at Dwell wish everyone the jolliest, merriest, eatingest, happiest Christmas ever. Much love, friends.
December 25, 2010
Yes, they always match their outfits. Every day. From left: Senior Editor Aaron Britt, Assistant Editor Jordan Kushins, Editor Jaime Gross, and Associate Editor Miyoko Ohtake.

Friday Finds 12.17.2010

We present you with the very last Friday Find of 2010, as we break for the holiday season. See you next year!
December 17, 2010
Project Projects is helmed by Rob Giampietro (on left), Adam Michaels (on right), and Prem Krishnamurthy (not pictured). Portrait by Adam Golfer.

Graphic Design: Project Projects

Manhattan-based Project Projects may be a graphic design studio, but it works in all dimensions, on the page and off. Founded by Prem Krishnamurthy and Adam Michaels in 2004, the firm designs everything from books and architectural signage to websites and museum exhibitions.  
December 15, 2010
paperless post hanukkah thumb

Eco-Friendly Holiday Cards

I've known about Paperless Post for a while now; this past wedding season, a handful of Save-the-Dates arrived in my email inbox rather than in my mailbox. It struck me as a great idea, and surprisingly appealing—a far cry from the gaudiness (to my eye) of e-vites, and a much greener alternative to paper goods (did you know that 1 tree = 1,000 greeting cards?).
December 7, 2010
Newwork Crop

Perfect Pair of 2011 Calendars

I just tore the November page off my 365 Typography Calendar and though I've got all of December until I'll need a new one, I thought I'd point out a pair of excellent 2011 calendars. As one of two members of the Dwell creative team without a smart phone, I'm still very much in the habit of writing my appointments down. And nothing suits me better than seeing a massive wall calendar filled up with trips, meetings, and dinners. Here are two I'd be happy to tack up, and considering that I'm moving into a bigger apartment later this month, I just might.
December 2, 2010