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Explore - Culture

  1. Richard Meier

    Richard Meier

    Architect Richard Meier is well known and respected around the world for his architecture and designs. He has been awarded major commissions in the United States and Europe including courthouses,...


  2. Amirah Shahid

    Amirah Shahid

    Amirah Shahid is a landscape designer at SWA Group's San Francisco office. In September 2011, she embarked on an 800-mile solo cycling trip from Beijing to Shanghai. Her goal: to better understand...


  3. Adam Xander

    Adam Xander

    Adam Xander's furniture designs are influenced strongly by his Mechanical Engineering background. Adam's designs possess a striking industrial aesthetic, softened by the use of warm hardwoods or...


  4. Tamasine Osher

    Tamasine Osher

    Inspired by combining unexpected elements, Tamasine Osher believes that the structure and construction of an artifact may be displayed and expressed, rather than concealed....


  5. Nick Fraser

    Nick Fraser creates furniture, lighting and interior products that bring playfulness and a touch of humour to the home. His distinctive designs celebrate everyday objects by transforming their...


  6. Federico Otero

    Federico Otero

    Federico Otero is an industrial designer and interactive designer from Latin America. Born in Lima, Peru, Otero started his career as a designer in his natal city at the PUCP. He then moved to the ...


  7. Gregory Miller

    Gregory Miller

    Based in Atlanta, GA, Gregory Miller has worked with a variety of clients from Charles Schwab to the Scientific American. He specializes in advertising and design. 


  8. Rowan McKinnon

    Rowan McKinnon

    Rowan has worked on various guides to Australia, the USA and the Caribbean, but mostly specializes as a travel writer in the island states of the South Pacific. He is a long-time contributer to...


  9. Ali Kate Cherkis


  10. Mauricio Alejo

    At a young age, Mexico City native Mauricio Alejo was told to become an architect. He followed his heart and pursued creative writing instead. Now he works in photography: "The place where space...


  11. Steven Holmes

    Steven Holmes is a photographer who travels all over the country telling stories with his imagery.


  12. Kyle Chesser


  13. Ellen Silverman

    Ellen Silverman

    Ellen Silverman is a freelance photographer who lives and works in New York City. Her primary focus is food photography.


  14. Mikael Olsson

    Mikael Olsson is a photographer born and based in Sweden.


  15. Chris Wehling

    Since 2005, Chris Wehling's photojournalism work has been published by Time Out Buenos Aires, The Free Lance-Star and The Virginia-Pilot. Highlights include photographing the Washington Redskins,...


  16. Torrey Jay


  17. Wang Wusheng


  18. Chris Mottalini

    Chris Mottalini is a photographer who grew up in Buffalo and has been living in New York City since 2000. Mottalini's internationally exhibited and widely published architecturally-themed works...


  19. Andrea Bakacs

    Andrea Bakacs

    Andrea Bakacs is a Portland and New York-based fine art landscape, editorial, and travel photographer who specializes in landscapes, the environment, and food. In her spare time, Andrea likes to...


  20. Amit Geron