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  1. Modernism Through the Viewfinder: The Photography of Ezra Stoller

    Modernism Through the Viewfinder: The Photography of Ezra Stoller

    Stoller's images, which introduced modernism to a broader audience, anchor an exhibit of architectural photography at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh.

    written by: William Lamb

  2. Eye on Design: Charlotte Perriand

    Eye on Design: Charlotte Perriand

    A limited-edition chaise longue and a photography exhibit signal a renewed interest in the French designer and Le Corbusier collaborator.

    written by: William Lamb

  3. Mauricio Alejo

    At a young age, Mexico City native Mauricio Alejo was told to become an architect. He followed his heart and pursued creative writing instead. Now he works in photography: "The place where space...


  4. Photographer Candida Höfer's Lush Images of Architecture
    In The Modern World

    Photographer Candida Höfer's Lush Images of Architecture

    The photographer's large-scale interior photos function like architectural character sketches.

    written by: Patrick Sisson

  5. Street Photography of New York and Paris's Ghostly Past
    Event Spotlight

    Street Photography of New York and Paris's Ghostly Past

    Abbott and Marville: The City in Transition, a new photography exhibit at the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York, gives viewers a privileged look at a ghostly past, showcasing photography that...

    written by: Patrick Sisson

  6. Beneath the Streets: Photos of New York’s Secret Underground

    Beneath the Streets: Photos of New York’s Secret Underground

    A new book opens the door to a subterranean New York only seen by transit workers and graffiti artist.

    written by: Patrick Sisson

  7. Jeremy Blakeslee

    Jeremy Blakeslee

    Photographer and urban archeologist specializing in the documentation of historical industrial architecture, machinery, infrastructure and mines. Blakeslee attended The School of Visual Arts in New...


  8. Ethan Kaplan

    San Francisco-based photographer of commercial and residential architecture.


  9. Greg Premru

    Premru is an architectural and interior photographer for the New England design community and beyond. Based in Boston, he has been creating award winning images for architects, interior designers,...


  10. Paul Barbera

    Paul Barbera is a lifestyle and interior photographer with a reportage style spanning cultural anthropology to luxury living. He strives to capture the complex, emotional honesty of his subjects by...


  11. James Ransom

    New York-based still life, food, interiors and travel photographer.


  12. 8 Design Instagrammers We Love
    In The Modern World

    8 Design Instagrammers We Love

    First, if you're not following @dwellmagazine on Instagram, what are you waiting for? And if you're like us, you can never see enough design—so here, we've rounded up eight other must-follow...

    written by: Kelsey Keith

  13. Nelson Kon

    Nelson Kon graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has been working with urban and architectural photography since 1985. 


  14. Moris Moreno

    Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and currently based in Miami, Moris Moreno has been photographing architecture, interiors and products for over 10 years. 


  15. Michael Grimm

    After growing up in Germany and working in Europe as an apprentice and assistant to photographers for several years, a vacation in 1988 brought Michael Grimm to New York. Since then the city has...


  16. Brian W. Ferry

    Brian W. Ferry is a photographer based in New York City. He posts new work and objects of interest on his blog the blue hour.


  17. Saverio Lombardi Vallauri

    Saverio Lombardi Vallauri studied architecture and then photography at the European Institute of Design, where he has also taught theory and technique, since 1991. For his professional practice,...


  18. Albert Font

    Albert Font is a Barcelona-based interiors and food photographer. He is married to Nani Marquina and has been the exclusive photographer for the carpet brand since its inception in 1987.


  19. Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel Gonzalez is a professional fine arts photographer based in Sag Harbor, New York. His photographs are on permanent exhibition at Jack Lenor Larsen's LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton.


  20. Beth Evans

    Beth Evans

    Beth Evans is an interior, still life, and travel photographer based in the United Kingdom.