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meg wachter iceland

Iceland Photo Portfolio by Meg Wachter

Considered to be one of Europe's sparsely populated countries, Iceland simply put, has an occupancy half the size of Vermont, but a whole lotta land. Brooklyn-based photographer Meg Wachter takes the valiant trek out to the Nordic European island, returning back with a winsome body of weathered landscape snaps so ethereal that we can almost feel the mist landing gently on our faces.
May 2, 2013

Photographer Q&A: Brent Rowland

Hailing from Ridgecrest, California—a wonderful desert town at the base of the Sierra Nevadas—photographer Brent Rowland is a great talent behind the camera. Read on to learn more about Brent and his first shoot for Dwell at The Green Ant in Salt Lake City.
May 2, 2013

Tumblr of the Week: Wandrlustr

Superstudio collages, counterculture architecture at its finest, 1970s Hollywood sirens, Googie signage, and photographs from the likes of Wim Wenders and Lee Friedlander. There's nothing not to love on the Tumblr Wandrlustr, an assemblage of awesomely retro imagery. I'll stop the gushing here and let a few of my favorite selects from the site do the talking. Be sure to follow Wandrlustr on Tumblr for more.
May 1, 2013

Photographer Q&A: Matthew Williams

From Jakarta to Brazil, Brooklyn based photographer Matthew Williams has traveled the globe for Dwell. When sending the photographer out on a shoot, there is no question that he will come back with beautiful images. He brings an honesty to his photography, and has a way of truly connecting with his subjects, whether a person or house. Read our Q&A to learn a bit more about Matthew and his camera.
April 26, 2013
matthias heiderich uae

UAE by Matthias Heiderich

We first highlighted photographer Matthias Heiderich's abstract square snaps of the city of Berlin here and we're back for round two. The self-taught photographer's latest body of work, UAE, documenting the architecture of the United Arab Emirates, contains all of his signature moves—the requisite square crop, precise angling, and a bright, slightly desaturated color palette.
April 24, 2013

Photographer Q&A: Dave Mead

Dave Mead—Austin resident, husband, father, and lover of all things 80s hit it out of the park on his very first Dwell photo shoot. The Country Bunker House offered Dave challenging angles, beautiful landscape and architecture, and lovely residents to work with. Check out our Q&A below to see how Dave approached this house and came out with an amazing selection of images.
April 19, 2013
kickstarter silver gelatin prints

Kickstarter of the Week: Silver Gelatin Prints

Face it, most of the reason for giving to a Kickstarter campaign is to get something in return. You're not a philanthropist, you're an investor. And though that dynamic certainly still exists when you contribute to Digital Silver Imaging's plan to buy new equipment, that will help it continue to make black-and-white silver gelatin prints of digital images, you can rest assured that you're also helping preserving a rapidly diminishing photographic process.
April 18, 2013
ballet 2

Photographer Henry Leutwyler's Ballet

Swiss born Henry Leutwyler is a photo school reject. He taught himself the anatomy of a camera and all the chemical processing fun a darkroom has to offer—praise the film gods for that! He made the move from Paris to New York City at the age of 25, and quickly developed his forté in celebrity portraiture. For the past four years, using only his 35mm Leica, the photographer has been collaborating with Peter Martins and the New York City Ballet, documenting behind-the-scenes and studio portraits of the dancers. Leutwyler and the NYC Ballet turned out to be such a perfect artistic alliance, that they kept him around for years and years to come. His latest book, Ballet: Photographs of the New York City Ballet is personal photo diary chronicling his era of ballerinas. For those who would like to enjoy his Ballet photography on the skate ramps, you're in luck because he's created some outstanding decks for your inner skater ballerina.
April 18, 2013

Photographer Q&A: Jake Stangel

Have you always wanted to know more about Dwell's photo shoots and the amazing photographers that we get to work with? Well you're in luck! This Q&A with the wonderful Jake Stangel kicks off the start to our 'Get to Know the Photographer' series. You will learn what it is like to shoot for Dwell and hear about some fun behind-the-scenes moments. Most importantly, you will be able to put a face to a name of these talented photographers who have helped us create the beautiful pages of Dwell over the years!
April 11, 2013