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Riedel Pinot Crop

Wine Tasting with Georg Riedel

Not so long ago I was at a dinner with a handful of food writers--I was there merely as a food taster--and the fancy stemware from the Austrian firm Riedel came up. One woman extolled the famed Riedel wine tasting experience, a kind of demonstration where one tastes wine out of a variety of Riedel glasses (chardonnay from a special chardonnay glass, cabernet sauvignon from a cab cup, and so on), it tastes and smells much better than usual, and you're forced to realize that you've been drinking your fine pinots out of the wrong glasses for your whole life. I was skeptical, but she told me it was enlightening. Last night at SFMOMA, Riedel honcho, and 11th generation family glass man Georg Riedel hosted just this kind of tasting, and I wasn't going to miss it.
January 21, 2011
Beer A Genuine Collection of Cans book

Beer: The Designs of Drinking

Wine labels have recently received acclaim for their more astute designs so its high time beer branders were awarded the same salute. A new coffee table-topper from Chronicle Books, Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans, peers into the 1,400-plus collection of beer can-enthusiast John Russo and presents nearly 500 of the most interesting finds that represent craft breweries now out of business and iconic brands that have continually altered their image throughout the last half decade. Compiled by Dan Becker (Russo's stepson) and Lance Wilson, the book is a glimpse of drinking days of yore and an ode to the long lost cone top and crowntainer cans. Bottoms up!
January 20, 2011
Hourglass Winery walkway

Blueline at Hourglass Winery

Back in 2009 former Dwell senior editor Sarah Rich made a short report on a visit to Napa Valley's Hourglass Winery's Blueline property. I had a chance to visit this past weekend and wanted to share a few more photos and a chat I had with Hour Glass honcho Jeff Smith. San Francisco-based architect Olle Lundberg of Lundberg Design, Smith, and his wife Carolyn Duryea got construction underway in 2007, and now this decidedly modern winery--which you can visit by appointment only--is one of the rare modern gems in a region largely populated by erstatz chateaus and tawdry Tuscan revival architecture.
January 13, 2011
Reveille Truck Front

Réveille Coffee Company Truck

I confess it, friends, despite growing up in a small hill town in Northern California, my four plus years of living in San Francisco have taken their toll. And now, like every other member of this town, I have developed a pair of crippling weaknesses. The siren song of fancy coffee and the Kryptonite of the latest food truck hold crippling sway over me, calling me near and breaking me down. Toss in a bit of industrial chic high design and I'm a sucker. Suffice it to say I've been to the Pacific Street parking spot of the new Réveille Coffee more than a couple times already.  
January 7, 2011
J Tea tea shop

Home to Tea House Transformation

In Eugene, Oregon, designer Ben Waechter turned a residential home into a tea house and sampling room by borrowing ideas from another building typology: the theater.
December 21, 2010
sweets big c flake

Artisanal Sweet Treats

December 14, 2010
Zen Kitchen construction

Salvaged Jungle Kitchen

In the jungles of Maui, artist and builder Tom Sewell has built his own oasis. Using discarded materials from the Hawaiian island's sugar mills, he's created his own home and outbuildings as well as his Zen Complex—a residence for young artists who intern with him—on his 17-acre property in Haiku. His most recent work is a 36-square-foot kitchen made of salvaged Cor-Ten steel and corrugated polycarbonate.
December 6, 2010