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The Making of Screenplay: Part 3

Jenny Wu, a partner at Oyler Wu Collaborative, documents the process from design through fabrication of their latest installation, Screenplay, to be featured at the upcoming Dwell on Design 2012. Part 3: The Big Reveal. A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. —Buckminster Fuller. When we first started our practice eight years ago, we had just moved from New York to Los Angeles. With no clients, no portfolio of built projects, and virtually no income, we realized quickly that in order to build a body of work that is unconventional and unique we would have to rethink how we practice. We came to two conclusions: (1) we would need to go out and find the right clients (even if they were my own parents!) and (2) we would have to learn to build the work ourselves, because we simply couldn’t afford to hire a contractor. We have always been of the mindset that sometimes as architects you have to take on responsibilities that fall outside of the conventional skill set, such as fabrication and installation, in order to realize work that is experimental in nature and complex in its construction. While fabricating our own design started as a necessity in order to control cost, we have continued to do it as a way of extending the research of our practice in terms of material and structural experimentation.
April 18, 2012
<i>Anemone</i> is a temporary installation in Taipei, Taiwan made of 30,000 rubber tubes to create an undulating surface that invites interaction and public engagement.

The Making of Screenplay: Part 2

Jenny Wu, a partner at Oyler Wu Collaborative, documents the process from design through fabrication of their latest installation, Screenplay, to be featured at the upcoming Dwell on Design 2012. Part 2:Line-work. Line-work has been an obsession of our office for the past ten years. While most often the study of lines is understood as two-dimensional and graphical, our interest in line-work is three-dimensional and spatial. This begs the question: How does a single line become spatial? Well, the simple answer is—it doesn’t. A line only becomes three-dimensional when it becomes part of an aggregation of multiple lines that are not co-planar. (Ok, I know I’m geeking out a bit, so bear with me!)
April 11, 2012
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The Making of Screenplay: Part 1

Jenny Wu, a partner at Oyler Wu Collaborative, documents the process from design through fabrication of their latest installation, Screenplay, to be featured at the upcoming Dwell on Design 2012. Part 1: Introduction. Several months ago, Michael Sylvester, managing director of Dwell on Design, approached us about designing and constructing an installation for the upcoming Dwell on Design show in June. I was really excited about finally showing a piece at Dwell, but equally as nervous about the challenges, ranging from design to fabrication to material issues—sourcing the building material as well as designing the process of how we will actually build it. Although these concerns are things that we have become quite accustomed to through our previous work, unforeseeable challenges always seem to pop up along the way that force us to be both resourceful and inventive about resolving them.
April 3, 2012
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Friday Finds 03.30.12

In this installment of Friday Finds, a look at tennis's most entertaining athlete, Pantone swatches that are good enough to eat, and answers to all the grade-schol test questions you never knew. Scroll down for more!
March 30, 2012
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DesignMarch Iceland 2012

For the fourth year in a row, product designers, architects, artists, and fashionistas opened their studio doors across Reykjavik, Iceland, for DesignMarch, a four-day roaming festival of art, design, crafts, whale foreskin cowboy boots, and late night parties soaked in birch-flavored schnapps. This year's event, held from March 22–25, attracted an estimated 35,000 people (about a tenth of the country's total population) and offered a frost-covered window into the burgeoning, wildly energetic—and sometimes wildly weird—design scene of the most northern capital on Earth.
March 27, 2012
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Friday Finds 03.16.12

We just firmed up our NCAA brackets in the Dwell office (Kentucky all the way!) but the one we're really curious about is Obama's. We also wish a Happy Birthday to another office favorite, SF Giants' Brian Wilson, who turns 30 today. Scroll down for the rest of our Friday Finds.
March 16, 2012
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Friday Finds 03.09.12

For your Friday amusement, five finds from the staff of Dwell. Scroll down for more.
March 9, 2012
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Coolest Homes for Artists & Art Collectors

We at Dwell are always on the lookout for unique homes that express the personality of their occupants—and it's no wonder some of the most unique and memorable residences we've featured in recent years belong to artists and art collectors, who embrace the quirky and the unconventional. Here's a peek at some of our favorite homes designed around the display and making-of art, from a famous conceptual artist's industrial-inspired rowhouse in New York City to a street art collector's shipping crate-filled loft in San Francisco.
March 7, 2012
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Marrakech Biennale: Higher Atlas

The Marrakech Biennale is in its fourth go here in Morocco's cultural capitol, and though much of the citywide exhibition deals with photography, sculpture and the like, the main show Higher Atlas—installed in the never-completed Theatre Royale—is decidedly architectural. From a fully-erected Maine backwoods shack by Ethan Hayes-Chute to a massive satellite dish by German architect Jurgen Mayer H., these works of art must contend with the presence of a raw, unfinished building. Started decades ago as an opera house by the previous king, one gets the sense that the actual theater, done only in raw concrete, will never be finished. I had a splendid time wandering around the structure discovering installation after installation. With no information given about what each project is, who made it, or what it's made from, one had the sense of pure discovery walking around the building, like finding ancient frescoes in a ruin. The exhibit runs through June 3rd.
March 6, 2012