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Explore - Architecture

  1. Garrett Finney

    Principal of Faro Studio, Garrett Finney lives and works in Houston, Texas. He received a Bachelor's Degree from Yale College and a Masters Degree in Architecture from Yale University. In 1994 he...


  2. Johnny Tucker

    Johnny Tucker, also known as John Douglas Tucker, is an architect based out of Charleston, South Carolina.


  3. Rex Brown

    Rex Brown

    Rex and Jackie Brown document their travels and modern discoveries on their website Oklahoma Modern.


  4. Seth Boor

    Seth Boor

    Seth Boor is a principal architect at Boor Bridges Architecture, based in San Francisco, California. ...


  5. Philip Nobel

    Philip Nobel

    Philip Nobel is the author of Sixteen Acres: Architecture and the Outrageous Struggle for the Future of Ground Zero (Metropolitan, 2005). He regularly writes architectural criticism for The New...


  6. Toshiko Mori

    Toshiko Mori is known for over thirty years of innovative and influential work in a diverse body of projects that have received numerous design awards. Mori’s intelligent approach to...


  7. Susan Desko

    Internationally recognized architect Susan Desko moved to Sun Valley and established her architectural practice in 2000. Her first project in Sun Valley, commonly known as "The Steel House,...


  8. Jayna Cooper

    Jayna Cooper

    A licensed Architect and LEED Accredited Professional, Jayna earned a Master of Architecture degree from the Univeristy of Southern California, graduating first in her class, after completing her...


  9. Hélène Binet

    Hélène Binet

    Hélène Binet was born in 1959 in Sorengo and is of both Swiss and French background. She currently lives in London with her husband Raoul Bunschoten and their two children, Izaak and Saskia. She...


  10. Mads Odgård


  11. Shade House Development

    Shade House Development is a green design + custom build company in Houston, Texas that offers traditional home contracting as well as full architectural design services. They specialize in the...


  12. Hélène Binet

    Hélène Binet

    Hélène Binet is a London-based photographer who exclusively shoots with film. She studied photography at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Rome, where she grew up, and soon developed an interest...


  13. Shin Takamatsu

    Shin Takamatsu


  14. Mike Jacobs Architecture

    Mike Jacobs is a licensed architect based in New York and California. He has designed and built numerous award-winning architectural projects, with his most recent, the San Lorenzo House, receiving...


  15. KallosTurin

    Established in 2003 by Stephania Kallos and Abigail Turin, KallosTurin is an international design firm based in London and San Francisco. The firm provides full architecture, interior and furniture...


  16. Tim Street-Porter

    Tim Street-Porter

    Tim Street-Porter is a Los Angeles-based architecture and design photographer with nearly four decades in experience.


  17. Kevin Morris

    Kevin Morris is a Toronto-based photographer.


  18. Jeff Wolfram


  19. James Ray Spahn

    James Ray Spahn is a Colorado and California based photographer, specializing in architecture.