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Explore - Architecture

  1. Sami Rintala


  2. Mark Schatz


  3. Page Goolrick

    Page Goolrick

    Architect and interior and product designer Page Goolrick lives and works in New York City, where the Museum of Modern Art also sells her wares--like a minimalist tape dispenser and business card...


  4. Grant Delin


  5. Alain de Botton

    Alain de Botton

    Alain de Botton was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1969 and now lives in London. He is a writer of essayistic books that have been described as a 'philosophy of everyday life.'  He’s wr...


  6. Eric Corey Freed

    Eric Corey Freed

    organicARCHITECT was founded in 1997 by Eric Corey Freed as an alternative to the traditional design practice. Today, our team practices what he preached. We believe green design does not...


  7. Tino Schaedler


  8. Hiroshi Iguchi


  9. Didier Gomez

    Roots in Andalusia never far from Baroque effervescence and African influence, the background of musician, a twofold legacy from the Bauhaus and the great decorative arts tradition, many voyages...


  10. Botond Bognar

    Scholar of the history and theories of contemporary Japanese architecture and urbanism with a long list of publications, lectures, and other activities on his record; currently working on two books...


  11. A. Quincy Jones

    He may not be as famous as Richard Neutra or Rudolf Schindler, but A. Quincy Jones was nonetheless instrumental in bringing a casual, outdoor-oriented modernism to middle-class California in the...


  12. Whitney R. Smith

    Whitney R. Smith (1977-2002) was a leader in post-World War II modernist architecture. Smith was among a group of Los Angeles architects and designers who participated in the "Case Study...


  13. Joseph Eichler

    Developer Joseph Eichler (1900–1974) sold dreams of suburban happiness with each of the 11,000 modern tract houses he built between 1950 and1974. Designed by prominent architects like A....


  14. Craig Ellwood

    Craig Ellwood

    In the 1940s, “Craig Ellwood”  (1922–1992) was the person nearest the ringing phone at the Craig Ellwood Incorporated construction company. Cofounder Jon Nelson Burke adopted...


  15. John Entenza

    John Entenza (1903–1984) was to modernism what Anna Wintour is to fashion. Editor of Arts & Architecture magazine from 1940 until 1962, he was the first to publish and popularize the...


  16. Margarita McGrath

    Margarita McGrath

    Margarita McGrath and Scott Oliver of noroof Architects specialize in small-space design, perfect for their headquarters--and many clients--based in New York City. We featured their innovative...


  17. John Cronin

    John Cronin

    For 35 years, John Cronin has safeguarded New York’s waterways, investigating dozens of pollution cases and authoring three laws to protect the Hudson River and its communities. So when...


  18. Brett Nave

    Brett Nave

    Studio.bna is directed by architects Brett W. Nave and Kelley Bishop with studio locations in Livingston, Montana as well as the Gulf coast in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  The design team is...


  19. John Lautner

    John Lautner

    John Lautner is one of the best known among modernist architects who worked in southern California in the mid-20th century. Born in 1911, Lautner spent six years studying at Frank Lloyd Wright's...


  20. Terence Conran

    Terence Conran is one of the world’s best-known designers, restaurateurs and retailers. Born in 1931, he founded the Habitat chain of stores that brought good, modern design within reach of...