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neely chair

Modern Furniture Fit for a Classic Eichler

Seeking a modern shell for their mid-century pieces, a pair of collectors found a relatively untouched Eichler in San Rafael, California—and a built-in excuse to acquire more furniture.
May 17, 2013
never built lax

Never Built: Los Angeles at A+D Architecture & Design Museum

Never Built: Los Angeles, an upcoming exhibition at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum Los Angeles (on view from July 28 through September 29) will highlight radical projects that would have deeply changed Los Angeles—but for one reason or another never got off the ground.
May 17, 2013
bookshelves shearers

Week in Review: 7 Great Reads You May Have Missed

Each week delivers more than 50 original posts, articles, and interviews focused on the latest in modern design. We wouldn't want you to miss a thing, so we've pulled together our top stories of the week. Take a look and see what you might have missed.
May 17, 2013
derekshapton portrait

Photographer Q&A: Derek Shapton

This was Derek Shapton's first shoot for Dwell and it will certainly not be his last. The Ontario-based photographer impressed us with every image he shot for The Treanor Residence. He made it difficult to select photos for the story, but that is something never to complain about! Read on to learn a bit more about Derek and his first Dwell photo shoot experience.
May 17, 2013
walk nikola lucic

Tumblr of the Week: Ryan Panos

In his eponymous Tumblr, Ryan Panos offers a cool selection of high-contrast black-and-white photographs that depict the abstract and geometric side of architecture. These aren't your warm and cozy interiors—just structure at its most steely. We like that Panos frequently answers questions from visitors, which gives a more personal feel to the collection. For example, someone asks: "What do you love most in architecture?" Panos replies: "I suppose I love the variety in it, that it simultaneously represents culture, society, the contemporary world we are constructing. The way light hits a facade, a detail is expressed, how one commission can turn the economics of a city." Well said.
May 16, 2013

Airbnb Comes Home Preview

One of the most exciting companies to enter the domestic sphere in the last five years is Airbnb. Transforming homes into short-term rentals, Airbnb has reimagined how we use our houses, and where we lay our heads when we're on the road. Deputy Editor Aaron Britt sits down with Airbnb cofounder Joe Gebbia on Friday, June 21st at 2:00 PM for the discussion Airbnb Comes Home. They'll talk about about travel, design, and how you can build empathy into your company. Here's a preview.
May 16, 2013

Around Manhattan Architectural Boat Tours by AIA New York

New York City is synonymous with the great buildings that stand within its limits: the Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler Building, and the Flatiron all scream The Big City. Their facades are famous—but they alone don’t make up the eponymous skyline—which is why tourists and New Yorkers alike should consider joining the New York Chapter of the AIA on one of their 32-mile Around Manhattan boat tours circumnavigating the isle of Manhattan.
May 16, 2013
mauren brodbeck

Urbanscape and Cityscape Photo Series by Mauren Brodbeck

Photographer Mauren Brodbeck looks at buildings as if they are sitting for a portrait. In her series Urbanscape and Cityscape, Brodbeck searches for subjects that have a strong structural geometry. Her post process of color-blocking the chosen building is quite effective. The final outcome? Stunning and powerful images.
May 15, 2013
lose feliz glee home

Sneak Preview: June Furniture Issue!

Let Dwell stock your home with the latest trends and our must-have furniture picks. We brought in design experts to weigh in on the perfect couch, and Glee star Jayma Mays shares her shopping tricks for her first home. Plus, world-renowned designers and curators from France, Italy, and Belgium open their doors to show their furniture favorites and essentials. Find it on newsstands now or order a digital edition. And, enjoy a sneak peek here!
May 14, 2013