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  1. William L. Hamilton

    "They say reporting can really open your eyes to an issue. But this was a totally different attunement—literally putting your ear to the ground," says William L. Hamilton, about penning ...


  2. Naomi Pollock

    In addition to publishing articles on both sides of the Pacific, Naomi Pollock is the author of five books, including Made in Japan: 100 New Products. An architect by training, Pollock now lives in...


  3. Arlene Hirst


  4. Maarten Dinger

    Maarten Dinger is the founder of collaborative studio StudioMaarten LLC and is an accomplished product designer residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has developed iconic, market-leading...


  5. Alessia Piccinini

    A communications graduate from San Francisco State University, Alessia currently resides in San Francisco's Mission District. She daydreams of cross-country road trips with a camera and a good...


  6. Luanne Bradley

    Architecture and design writer Luanne Sanders Bradley has worked as west coast editor of Ecosalon, editor of Northern California Home and Design, and as a writer and reporter at CNN.


  7. Sommer Mathis

    Sommer Mathis is editor of The Atlantic Cities. She has previously worked at,, and Washingtonian.


  8. Roger Kurath

    Roger Kurath is the founder and owner of Design 21, an internationally renowned practice that provides full design services that address issues of context and sustainability. Design 21 has offices...


  9. Katherine Butler

    Katherine Butler is a freelance writer who has contributed to NPR’s Pacific Swell, AlterNet, EcoSalon, MNN and more. Her work has been featured on CNN, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Yahoo...


  10. Maggie Nolin

    Maggie Nolin is currently finishing her final year at Fairfield University where she will be receiving her BA in English and Art History. When she is not commuting to Dwell's New York City office,...


  11. Marieke van der Poel

    Marieke van der Poel

    Marieke van der Poel is the CCO and founder of applied trend forecasting agency Proef. Her professional experience ranges from editing fashion stories to leading magazine and photo shoot concepts...


  12. Jenna Gottlieb


  13. Skylar Bergl

    Skylar Bergl

    Skylar Bergl is a New York–based contributing writer for Dwell. He has written for Popular Mechanics and Fast Company covering tech, design, and business. He has a passion for photography,...


  14. Phyllis Richardson

    Phyllis Richardson is the blogger behind Archetcetera and is a writer of books on architecture and design and of occasional literary exploits. Books include the XS series, New Sacred Architecture,...


  15. Creede Fitch

    Born in rural Utah, Creede Fitch learned early how to haul hay and feed calves. After high school he worked at an architectural firm and learned drafting and web design. It wasn't until he was 23...


  16. Kevin Roderick

    Kevin Roderick

    Kevin Roderick is a journalist, editor, blogger and author living in Los Angeles. He is the creator and publisher of LA Observed, a widely cited news website that Forbes rated as Best of the Web....


  17. Emily Nonko

    Emily Nonko

    Emily Nonko is a writer living in Brooklyn. She specializes in real estate and architecture coverage at You can also find her on Twitter @EmilyNonko.


  18. Amanda Erickson

    Amanda Erickson is associate editor at The Atlantic Cities. Follow her on Twitter at @AmandaEAtlantic.


  19. Chris Tackett

    Chris Tackett

    Chris Tackett is a journalist and photographer with a passion for sustainability, design, fashion and nature, especially areas where those topics intersect.  His writing has appeared in The...


  20. Kurt Kohlstedt

    Kurt Kohlstedt is a web publisher, editor, and writer. Part digital nomad and part de facto CEO, his life goals include talking at TED and owning a monkey, or, best of both worlds: training a...