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  1. Barbara Bestor

    Barbara Bestor

    Barbara Bestor heads Bestor Architecture, a Los Angeles–based modern architecture firm founded in 1995. The office is collaborative and produces design that navigates between popular culture,...


  2. Jordan Plaut

    Jordan is the digital content intern for the summer of 2012. An aspiring writer and social media expert, he currently attends Colgate University in New York.  


  3. Eva Hagberg

    Eva Hagberg is a writer in New York. Her work has appeared in Wallpaper*, CITY, Metropolis, Architectural Record, Architect, Architect's Newspaper, Surface, Interior Design, Print, Art +...


  4. Angela Starita

    Angela Starita

    Angela Starita is a graduate student, freelance writer and teacher. Her work has been published in The Architect’s Newspaper, Print, Metropolis, The New York Times, and other publications.


  5. K. Emily Bond

    K. Emily Bond

    K. Emily Bond writes about culture, art, design, lifestyle and parenting. An avowed minimalist, she sold 80% of her personal belonging to move to Spain, and is the author behind Díga(Mama).


  6. Laura Mauk

    Laura Mauk

    Laura Mauk has written and/or edited for Paper, Bookforum, Allure, Architectural Digest, and Western Interiors & Design.


  7. Anne Stark Ditmeyer

    Anne Stark Ditmeyer is a graphic designer with a focus on new media and tourism, who believes that travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world. With a background in anthropology,...


  8. Joanne Furio

    Joanne Furio

    Now based in the San Francsico Bay Area, Joanne Furio is a veteran print journalist who segued into design over a decade ago. She is currently a contributing writer at San Francisco magazine and a...


  9. Laura Feinstein


  10. Caia Hagel

    Caia Hagel

    Caia Hagel’s personality profiles, fictions, cultural travelogues, and art and design thoughts appear in magazines, advertising, and on social media and TV networks internationally.


  11. Lamar Anderson

    Lamar Anderson

    Lamar Anderson is a San Francisco–based freelance writer. Her work has appeared in Architectural Record, ARTnews, the Hairpin, and Salon.


  12. Mitchell Alan Parker

    Mitchell Alan Parker

    Mitchell Alan Parker is the editor of Austin HOME magazine. When he's not writing about modern houses, he's dreaming of owning one with his wife and nine-month-old son. He also collects early 20th...


  13. Kurt Kohlstedt

    Kurt Kohlstedt is a web publisher, editor, and writer. Part digital nomad and part de facto CEO, his life goals include talking at TED and owning a monkey, or, best of both worlds: training a...


  14. Chris Tackett

    Chris Tackett

    Chris Tackett is a journalist and photographer with a passion for sustainability, design, fashion and nature, especially areas where those topics intersect.  His writing has appeared in The...


  15. Amanda Erickson

    Amanda Erickson is associate editor at The Atlantic Cities. Follow her on Twitter at @AmandaEAtlantic.


  16. Emily Nonko

    Emily Nonko

    Emily Nonko is a writer living in Brooklyn. She specializes in real estate and architecture coverage at You can also find her on Twitter @EmilyNonko.


  17. Kevin Roderick

    Kevin Roderick

    Kevin Roderick is a journalist, editor, blogger and author living in Los Angeles. He is the creator and publisher of LA Observed, a widely cited news website that Forbes rated as Best of the Web....


  18. Creede Fitch

    Born in rural Utah, Creede Fitch learned early how to haul hay and feed calves. After high school he worked at an architectural firm and learned drafting and web design. It wasn't until he was 23...


  19. Phyllis Richardson

    Phyllis Richardson is the blogger behind Archetcetera and is a writer of books on architecture and design and of occasional literary exploits. Books include the XS series, New Sacred Architecture,...


  20. Skylar Bergl

    Skylar Bergl

    Skylar Bergl is a New York–based contributing writer for Dwell. He has written for Popular Mechanics and Fast Company covering tech, design, and business. He has a passion for photography,...