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  1. Ian Volner

    Ian Volner

    Writer and critic Ian Volner has contributed articles on architecture and design to New York Magazine, Architect, The Paris Review, and Interior Design, among other publications. He lives in...


  2. Brad Liljequist

    Brad Liljequist

    Brad Liljequist is the program manager for zHome. For 23 years, he has worked as an urban designer and sustainable builder seeking to positively integrate human and natural communities. Brad has...


  3. Rachel Levin

    Rachel Levin

    After writer Rachel Levin scouted the nearby Clipper Street House in San Francisco, owned by Lorena Siminovich, the founder of Petit Collage, she was determined to make her toddler's room way...


  4. Rico Gagliano

    Rico Gagliano

    Rico Gagliano is an arts and culture journalist, producer, and host. Best known for his work in public radio, he spent several years reporting for the business show “Marketplace,”...


  5. Emily Kaiser Thelin

    Emily Kaiser Thelin

    Writer Emily Kaiser Thelin tried to play it cool when she first saw the interior of Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan’s apartment (“Contained,” December/January 2012). But a lifelong...


  6. Eliza Rosenberry

    Eliza Rosenberry

    Eliza Rosenberry is a communications intern at Dwell, contributing digital content to the website and supporting the magazine's media relations director. She has a degree in English and an ongoing...


  7. Laetitia Wolff

    Laetitia Wolff is a New York-based writer, curator, founder of futureflair, and executive director of desigNYC.


  8. Suzanne Wales


  9. Rosie Scott

    Melbourne-based writer and interior designer Rosie Scott traveled to Adelaide to visit Kylie Brammy and George Kyprianou's renovated house (My House, February 2012). Despite it being midwinter, she...


  10. Jennifer Gerrits

    Jennifer Gerrits

    Jennifer is an editorial intern at Dwell. She is a Washington D.C. native and has been in the San Francisco bay area for a little less than a handful of years. Besides keeping up with the modern...


  11. Alexis Madrigal

    Alexis Madrigal

    Alexis Madrigal is a senior editor for the Atlantic and author or Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technology (Da Capo Press, 2011).   


  12. Jacy Meyer

    Jacy Meyer

    Jacy Meyer is a freelance journalist living in Prague. Previously from Arizona, she has a degree in Broadcast Communications and spent many years in community relations for a number of...


  13. Dieter Van Den Storm

    Dieter Van Den Storm

     Dieter Van Den Storm is a freelance writer based in Brussels, Belgium.


  14. Caroline Tiger

    Caroline Tiger

    Caroline Tiger is a Philadelphia-based writer who covers design and culture. Her columns, Making It and Consumed, appear each month in the Philadelphia Inquirer. She blogs at design phan and The...


  15. Lindsay J. Westley

    Lindsay J. Westley

    From her home in Burlington, Vermont, Lindsay Westley writes arts, design, and travel articles for Art New England, Seven Days, and Kids Vermont.


  16. Sara Dierck

    Sara Dierck

    Sara Dierck is a design researcher, writer, photographer and artist who enjoys creating meaningful connections between products, environments and people.


  17. Kim Derby

    Kim Derby

    Kim Derby is a freelance writer who most recently contributed design, art and architecture content for EcoSalon. She did her graduate studies in Interior & Architectural Design at UCLA and is...


  18. Alyn Griffiths

    Scottish design journalist and curator Alyn Griffiths moved to London in 2008 after studying product design in Glasgow, Milan, and Stockholm. A fan of mid-century design, he couldn't help coveting...


  19. Philip Nobel

    Philip Nobel

    Philip Nobel is the author of Sixteen Acres: Architecture and the Outrageous Struggle for the Future of Ground Zero (Metropolitan, 2005). He regularly writes architectural criticism for The New...


  20. Rowan McKinnon

    Rowan McKinnon

    Rowan has worked on various guides to Australia, the USA and the Caribbean, but mostly specializes as a travel writer in the island states of the South Pacific. He is a long-time contributer to...