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  1. Asami Novak


  2. Stephanie Orma

    Stephanie Orma

    Stephanie Orma is a San Francisco-based arts and design writer. Her musings on creativity, creative folks and their inspired creations have appeared in publications like HOW Design Magazine, Fast...


  3. Lydia Lee

    Lydia Lee

    Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lydia Lee is a writer and editor specializing in architecture and design, with a particular interest in sustainability. Currently, she is an editor at the...


  4. Zahid Sardar

    Zahid Sardar is an author specializing in architecture, interiors, and design. He currently writes the Material World column for the San Francisco Chronicle.


  5. Alexis Leino

    Alexis Leino

    Alexis Leino is a researcher and reporter who lives between Toronto and New York. He has a penchant for travel, good food and quirky and impractical cars. His keen interest in design and marketing...


  6. Carren Jao

    Carren Jao

    Carren Jao is an arts, architecture and design writer from Manila, Philippines now based in Los Angeles. She’s written for local and international publications like Bluprint, Contemporary Art...


  7. Katja Lindroos

    Katja Lindroos is a Helsinki-based journalist and producer who wrote "Fine Finnish" for Dwell's April 2011 issue. When she visited the inventive apartment of Susana and Jussi Vento, their...


  8. Kelly Vencill Sanchez

    Kelly Vencill Sanchez

    Kelly Vencill Sanchez has written about architecture and design for such publications as Dwell, Coastal Living, New Mexico Magazine, and Architectural Digest, where she was a senior and...


  9. Eva Meszaros

    Eva Meszaros

    Eva Meszaros is an editor, writer, and hobby-photographer who has covered topics as varied as food, health, technology, and music. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she is associate editor for...


  10. Sara Carnochan

    Sara Carnochan is a cofounder of Heart Beet Gardening in Los Angeles where she plants, prunes, and writes. Her background is in literature—studying Creative Writing and Spanish at Bard...


  11. Meredith MacKenzie

    Meredith MacKenzie

    After working as a stylist in the fashion and beauty industry for nearly a decade, Meredith MacKenzie left the east coast to pursue a Master's Degree in History and Theory of Contemporary Art at...


  12. Sonia Zjawinski

    Sonia Zjawinski

    Sonia Zjawinski is a freelance writer and editor who pens stories for Wired, the New York Times, and ReadyMade.


  13. Rob Jordan

    Rob Jordan is an award-winning journalist and author based in Washington, D.C. As a reporter and editor, he has covered a world of issues from political scandal in rural Pennsylvania and immigrants...


  14. Lisa Skolnik

    Lisa Skolnik is a mother of four and a writer living in Chicago. As the former Chicago editor of Metropolitan Home, she's been in countless homes built with unlimited budgets. Seeing Nancy Church...


  15. Bethan Ryder

    Bethan Ryder

    Bethan Ryder is an accomplished writer and critic of restaurant design. She has written books with titles like, "New Bar and Club Design," "Restaurant Design," and "New...


  16. Kelly Cooper

    Kelly Cooper is finishing her final year at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. A former intern at Dwell, she took notes about the ins and outs of magazines — an industry she's eager to pursue post...


  17. Seth Biderman

    Freelance writer Seth Biderman has covered collaborative endeavors from Gaviotas, Colombia, to Ribera, New Mexico.


  18. Kelsey Keith

    Kelsey Keith

    Kelsey Keith is Dwell's special projects editor, based in New York. She manages Dwell's digital content in concert with the print issue—writing and editing news and feature stories, directing...


  19. Lisa Katayama

    Lisa Katayama writes articles about culture, technology, and human rights for Wired, Popular Science, Fast Company, and the New York Times Magazine. She also produces radio segments for PRI's...


  20. Ruth Storc

    Ruth Storc

    Ruth Storc has made a career out of a love for good design. Ruth is a budget-minded interior designer, a painter, and a mother. For years Ruth worked off-camera on a variety of shows for HGTV....