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  1. Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate &

    Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate &

    Clotilde Dusoulier, a 24 25 26 27 28 29 30-year-old Parisian woman who lives in Montmartre, shares her passion for all things food-related — thoughts, recipes, musings, cookbook...


  2. Raymond Richard Neutra

    Raymond Richard Neutra is a physician epidemiologist who currently heads the division of the California Department of Public Health that investigates emerging environmental and occupational health...


  3. Tiffany Orvet

    Tiffany Orvet

    Tiffany Orvet is a writer and documentary producer based in San Francisco, and couldn't be happier than when seeing good design in action. In 2009, she turned her passion for Scandinavian design...


  4. Bradford Shellhammer

    Bradford Shellhammer

    Bradford Shellhammer is a New York Times featured decorator, Parsons trained fashion designer, and old school blogger. He's Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Fab. He created the gay blog...


  5. Brendan Newnam


  6. Charles Montgomery

    Charles Montgomery

    Charles Montgomery was born in 1968. He spent his formative years on a farm in North Cowichan, Vancouver Island. He has been a writer and photojournalist since 1996. His interest in people,...


  7. Timothy Lesle

    Timothy Lesle is an independent multimedia journalist living in San Francisco. Tim tends to look for stories that involve people, science, and the environment. But that’s a jumping-off...


  8. Tom Vanderbilt

    Tom Vanderbilt

    Broolyn–based writer Tom Vanderbilt's book, Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us), from publisher Alfred A. Knopf, was published in 2008.


  9. Jay Pridmore

    Jay Pridmore is the author of Chicago Architecture and Design.


  10. Patrick Di Justo


  11. Anne Trubek

    Anne Trubek is Associate Professor at Oberlin College. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Mother Jones, The Believer, Dwell, The Chronicle of Higher Education, AGNI,


  12. Bruce Greenlaw

    Bruce Greenlaw

    Bruce Greenlaw worked as a laborer on the Trans-Alaskan pipeline and as a carpenter and architectural woodworker in Northern California before converting to publishing in 1988. Since then, he has...


  13. Oren Safdie

    Playwright and Screenwriter


  14. Pagan Kennedy

    The author of ten books, Pagan Kennedy has won numerous literary prizes. Her publishers include Viking Press, Simon & Schuster, and Bloomsbury.


  15. Cy Merkezas

    Writer and Journalist


  16. Davy Rothbart

    Davy Rothbart is the author of the national bestseller Found, and creator of the magazine of the same name. A contributor to public radio's This American Life, he is also the author of the story...


  17. Alan Rapp

    Alan Rapp, a Brooklyn-based editor and writer, felt a similar self-reflection experienced by Alexandra Lange, the architecture critic who lived through her own house renovation and about which Rapp...


  18. Winifred Bird

    Winifred Bird

    Winifred Bird is a freelance journalist whose work focuses on nature and environmental issues. She has written for the Japan Times, Ode magazine, Mother Earth News, and Yale Environment 360, among...


  19. Emily Young