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  1. Tim Hetherington at Aperture

    Tim Hetherington at Aperture

    In remembrance of Tim Hetherington, photographer, reporter, and filmmaker, Aperture is presenting his Sleeping Soldiers video installation and his Diary video, from Wednesday, May 25 through...


  2. Francesca Woodman at SFMOMA

    Francesca Woodman at SFMOMA

    The most comprehensive exhibition to date of Francesca Woodman's brief but extraordinary career in on view at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art through February 20, 2012....


  3. Rineke Dijkstra Exhibition at SFMOMA

    Rineke Dijkstra Exhibition at SFMOMA

     From February 18 to May 20, 2012, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) will present the exhibition Rineke Dijkstra, the artist's first midcareer retrospective in the United States....


  4. Paul Rudolph’s Vision at Colgate’s Picker Art Gallery

    Paul Rudolph’s Vision at Colgate’s Picker Art Gallery

    The Picker Art Gallery at Colgate University will host a reception on Tuesday, September 13 from 5-7 p.m. to celebrate the new exhibition, An Architect’s Vision: Paul Rudolph and Colgate...


  5. David Allee


  6. Per Magnus Persson

    Per Magnus Persson was 12 years old when an image affected him for the first time. It depicted South Americans; master Henri Carter Bresson took the picture. "the calmness in the picture...


  7. Sarah Blee

    Sarah Blee is a freelance photographer who lives and works in Belgium, and was educated at the Royal College of Art in London.


  8. Josh Kuchinsky

    A professional photographer based in Boston, Josh Kuchinsky specializes in architectural photography but has a trained eye that can bring quiet force to images of all genres. He creates photographs...


  9. Armando Bellmas

    Armando Bellmas is a photographer based in the American south.


  10. Ian Allen

    Ian Allen lives in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Seattle, he moved to New York in 2001. Ian attended the School of Visual Arts where he focused on typography,...


  11. Kevin Cooley

    Kevin Cooley lives and works in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and often collaborator Bridget Batch. He is primarily a photo and video artist who takes on freelance assignment and has worked with...


  12. Carren Jao

    Carren Jao

    Carren Jao is an arts, architecture and design writer from Manila, Philippines now based in Los Angeles. She’s written for local and international publications like Bluprint, Contemporary Art...


  13. Tim Griffith

    Tim Griffith

    Tim Griffith has been photographing architecture and design related images for over twenty five years. Melbourne born and working from bases in San Francisco and Singapore, he travels extensively...


  14. Michael Moran

    Michael Moran

    Photographer Michael Moran was born in the Pomona Valley, southeast of Los Angeles and studied art at Santa Barbary City College and biology at the University of California Santa Barbara before...


  15. Petra Bindel

    Petra Bindel has been a professionl photographer for over 13 years. She traveled from her home in southern Sweden to Helsinki, Finland to photograph the 660-square-foot- apartment of Susana Vento...


  16. Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao

    Jessica and Clark have a democratic approach to the process of photographing, editing and presenting their work -- it is all part of the larger story. Everything is fair game -- from an afternoon...


  17. Alexi Hobbs

    Alexi Hobbs

    Photographer Alexi Hobbs lives and works in Montreal. He loves to travel, particularly for editorial work and fun projects where his keen sense for color and light might be put to good use.


  18. Paco Perez Arriaga

    Paco Perez Arriaga is a photographer based in New York and Mexico.


  19. Alec Soth

    Alec Soth

    Alec Soth (rhymes with "both") is a photographer who lives in Minnesota. His images have been exhibited and published all over the world, but his favorite place to shoot is the big middle...


  20. Felix Odell

    Felix Odell, a photographer based in Stockholm, visited Monica Förster's nearby studio to capture her design process in "Model Behavior" (May 2011). "It was hard for us to find...