Explore - Photographer

  1. Jacqueline Schellingerhout

    Jacqueline Schellinger Wood finds inspiration in all that we encounter in everyday life. 


  2. Elizabeth Felicella

    Elizabeth Felicella lives and works in New York City. Her commissioned work has appeared in numerous publications, including Architecure, Architectural ...


  3. Mark Compton


  4. Mark Steinmetz

    Mark Steinmetz resides in Athens, Georgia. Fellowships Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship (1994-5) George Gund Foundation Commission (2006) Museum Collections The Art Institute ...


  5. Denise Prince Martin

    Denise Prince spend fourteen years living and working in Los Angeles and New York, where she studied fine art and critical theory at CalArts and School of Visual Arts.


  6. Eric Staudenmaier

    At age 12, Eric Staudenmaier set out to document the streets of Denver with his Nikon FE, and ever since, he has been pointing a series of cameras at old buildings, contemporary architecture, urban...


  7. Robert Jan Stokman

    Ik werk als freelance fotograaf vanuit Amersfoort voor tijdschriften, bedrijven en instellingen met als specialisme portret-en reportagefotografie. Het meest werk ik op locatie. Mijn werkzaamheden...


  8. Alexis Tjian

    Alexis Tjian

    Alexis spends her time snapping pics for fun, and has been known to take one too many of her feet and her snorty faced pug Vergil.


  9. Stéphane Chalmeau

    Je suis architecte de formation, mais c’est la photographie qui m’a appris à regarder et à aimer l’architecture, et c’est finalement l’architecture qui m...


  10. Céline Clanet

    Born 1977 in Chambéry, France Lives and works in Paris, France Graduate from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie of Arles with Jury Honors in 1999 Since 2001 Works as a ...


  11. Matthew Williams

    Matthew Williams is a Brooklyn-based photographer.


  12. Joanna Moorhouse

    Moorhouse is a Finnish-English photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. She found it inspiring to photograph Eero Aarnio's home and to meet the man himself, whome she found to be very young at...


  13. Jason Schmidt


  14. Ezra Stoller

    Ezra Stoller

    Lesser known than contemporary Julius Shulman, Ezra Stoller was one of the great American photographers who captured the buildings and essence of modernism in the mid-20th century. Stoller was born...


  15. Jen Siska


  16. Ye Rin Mok

    Born in Seoul, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Ye Rin Mok has taken photos for Bust, Monocle, Spin, and other publications. Her photos were prominently featured in the Lions Gate Film ...


  17. Mike Sinclair

    Mike Sinclair is an architectural and fine are photographer based in Kansas City Missouri. His photographs of architecture are frequently published in the architecture press, i...


  18. Maren Caruso

    I like food, music, light, sun, fog, humor, plants, people, and surprises. I photograph these  things and have been since I first picked up a camera at fourteen. I shoot a lot of food but...


  19. Leslie Williamson

    Photographer Leslie Williamson has built up an impressive and versatile body of work over the past ten years, ranging from fine art photography exhibited in galleries, to commissions for corporate...


  20. Kyoko Hamada

    Born in Tokyo Japan, moved to the US at age 15, lives and works in New York and elsewhere.