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  1. Petra Bindel

    Petra Bindel has been a professionl photographer for over 13 years. She traveled from her home in southern Sweden to Helsinki, Finland to photograph the 660-square-foot- apartment of Susana Vento...


  2. Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao

    Jessica and Clark have a democratic approach to the process of photographing, editing and presenting their work -- it is all part of the larger story. Everything is fair game -- from an afternoon...


  3. Alexi Hobbs

    Alexi Hobbs

    Photographer Alexi Hobbs lives and works in Montreal. He loves to travel, particularly for editorial work and fun projects where his keen sense for color and light might be put to good use.


  4. Paco Perez Arriaga

    Paco Perez Arriaga is a photographer based in New York and Mexico.


  5. Alec Soth

    Alec Soth

    Alec Soth (rhymes with "both") is a photographer who lives in Minnesota. His images have been exhibited and published all over the world, but his favorite place to shoot is the big middle...


  6. Felix Odell

    Felix Odell, a photographer based in Stockholm, visited Monica Förster's nearby studio to capture her design process in "Model Behavior" (May 2011). "It was hard for us to find...


  7. Ty Cole

    Ty Cole is an Alabama-born, New York-based photographer. He specializes in documenting the built environment but takes great pride in his environmental portraits, personal projects and landscape...


  8. Thor Radford

    Thor Radford heads Radford Creative, a Seattle-based firm that helps small and mid sized companies connect with their customers through branding, and branded story telling. They produce all types...


  9. Chloe Aftel

    Chloe Aftel

    Chloe Aftel is a photographer based in the San Francsico Bay Area.


  10. Richard Foulser

    Richard Foulser

    Richard Foulser is a photographer currently working at Trish South in New York.


  11. Christopher Wahl

    Christopher Wahl

    Christopher Wahl is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. His work has been recognized by American Photography, Communication Arts, PDN, The Annual Report 100 and The Magenta Foundation....


  12. Marion Brenner

    Marion Brenner

    Marion Brenner has been a life long photographer with a focus on natural landscapes and landscape design.


  13. Tim Bies

    Tim Bies is an architectural photographer based in Seattle.


  14. Romina Hierro


  15. Benny Chan

     Benny Chan's professional photography résumé spans beyond simple architectural shots. With a notable list of clients, Benny's work ranges from commercial to fine art...


  16. Toshiyuki Yano


  17. Go Hasegawa

    Born in Saitama, Japan, architect and photographer  Go Hasegawa has won numerous awards for his House in a Forest project. He established GO HASEGAWA & ASSOCIATES in 2005, and is...


  18. Brent Humphreys

     Brent Humphreys was born and bred in Dallas, Texas. As a youngster growing up in Lake Highlands, days were filled with BMX, creeking and fire experimentation. Preteen, a strong work ethic...


  19. Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson

    Photographer Sarah Wilson explores issues of community and culture through environmental portraiture. After nine years of studying and working in New York City, Wilson has returned to her...


  20. Jayson Carpenter

    Jayson Carpenter is a photographer based in San Francisco specializing in humanitarian, commercial, editorial, travel and people photography.