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  1. Made It

    Made It

    Made IT is a network of historic firms from Lazio with themission of achieving and expressing Italian excellence in interior decoration. Made It guarantees years of experience in teamwork and...


  2. Krook & Tjäder

    Krook & Tjäder

    Founded in 1988, Krook & Tjäder is an architecture and design firm employing over a hundred people. They are based in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Halmstad. Their architectural work spans...


  3. David Rasmussen Design

    David Rasmussen Design

    Raised and educated in New England, David was exposed to the Northeast’s rich culture of fine furniture making from a young age. Trained by furniture masters Wayne Marcoux and Dan Mosheim, David...


  4. The New Clothesline Company

    The New Clothesline Company

    The New Clothesline Company is committed to producing environmentally friendly products that enhance consumer's lives. The company manufactures and markets the modern, stylish, and timeless LOFTi |...


  5. Maria Sebregondi

    Maria Sebregondi

    Maria Sebregondi is the creator of the Moleskine notebook line and is now the company's Director of Brand Equity.


  6. Edward Fields

    Edward Fields

    Edward Fields is an American  carpet maker known worldwide for producing heirloom quality custom floorcoverings for America’s greatest architects and interior designers. Edward Fields Carpet...


  7. And Vice Versa


  8. offers its customers top design in the areas of home decor, jewelry, and accessories. A design that reflects its owner. We create customizable designs that dynamically change...


  9. Full Swing Textiles

    Full Swing Textiles

    Full Swing Textiles, Inc., founded in the mid-1980's, makes '30's through '50's styled barkcloth fabrics and other upholstery and drapery grade fabrics, pillows, bags, totes, aprons, etc. They...


  10. Kravet


    Kravet is an industry leader in to-the-trade fabric business, offering a wide range of colors, patterns and textures for every design style. Kravet works directly with a number of notable designers...


  11. The Utility Collective

    The Utility Collective

    The Utility Collective was founded by designers Eric Pfeiffer and Steve Piccus in 2010.  Their goal was to bring intelligent, well-made products to market and share how they are designed and...


  12. Askman Furniture

    Askman Furniture

    Askman Furniture is a small, family-run Danish wood products company founded by Carl Alfred Askman in 1913. The firm makes a range of furniture and decorative items, including tables, chairs, trays...


  13. Selki-Asema


    Selki-asema is a small design firm based in Finlands that is known for their fresh, innovate and fearless approach to design.  They work closely with several well known Finnish designers and...


  14. Thomas Eyck

    Thomas Eyck

    Thomas Eyck is a Dutch designer and distributor of modern homewares.  The firm works directly with a carefully selected pool of designers to develop the products for the Thomas Eyck collection...


  15. McCarty Quinn Design Studio

    McCarty Quinn Design Studio

    McCarty Quinn is an award-winning product design studio and manufacturer based in Saint Paul Minnesota, and was founded in 2012 by Matthew Plumstead, a former employee of both Blu Dot and Peter...


  16. FDStyle


    FDStyle, a Japanese industrial design company, was founded in 1991 as Flexdesign Products. The firm designs a wide array of goods, including homewares, cooking tools, medical devices, and...


  17. CW & T

    CW & T

    CW&T is an art and design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Their design approach is to create lasting designs while questioning conventional thinking, favoring a minimal aesthetic and...


  18. Haand


    Haand is a ceramic design studio founded by Mark Warren and Chris Pence. Haand's design focus is on minimal, comfortable, elegant objects for everyday use. Haand's studio philosophy and practice is...


  19. Koostik


    Koostik makes wood accessories exclusively for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. The name derives from the principal of passive acoustic amplification which is employed in the design of their pieces...


  20. Sweet Bella Stationery

    Sweet Bella Stationery

    Sweet Bella Stationery is a collection of personalized stationery, thank you cards, invitations for weddings, birthdays, baby showers and bridal shower. They offer announcements and all sorts of...



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