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  1. Matti Klenell

    Matti Klenell

    Matti Klenell (1972) graduated with an MFA from Konstfack, Stockholm in 1999. In 2000 he founded the Matti Klenell Studio that today work with various design commissions for a large number of clie...


  2. Elisabeth Warkus

    Elisabeth Warkus

    Elisabeth Warkus


  3. Siren Elise Wilhelmsen

    Siren Elise Wilhelmsen

    Siren Elise Wilhelmsen was born in Norway, but has been based in the German Capital since 2002. Many of her products have won public attention, and have taken part in projects for companies such as...


  4. Margaux Keller

    Margaux Keller

    Margaux Keller was born in 1987 in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2010 she graduated with a special jury mention in Product design and Interior architecture from the ancestral Ecole Boulle, Paris.   ...


  5. Marc Thorpe

    Marc Thorpe, born in 1978. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Maryland, followed in 2004 by a Masters Degree in Architecture, with Honors, from Parsons School...


  6. Josee Lepage

    Based in Montreal and New York, Josee Lepage is a design consultant, independent curator and founder of a namesake firm that specializes in collaborations, special projects and artistic direction...


  7. Scot Herbst

    A graduate of the Art Center College of Design, Scot Herbst solves complex design problems with a signature mix of visual and mechanical simplicity. Sought after by industry leading brands Scot...


  8. Ali Tayar

    Ali Tayar was born in Istanbul in 1959 and studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1993, he formed Parallel Design Partnership, through...


  9. Michael Storc

    Michael Storc

    A graphic designer by trade, Michael Storc spends his days working at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. But his love of good design goes well beyond the two dimensions of the printed page. A...


  10. Amirah Shahid

    Amirah Shahid

    Amirah Shahid is a landscape designer at SWA Group's San Francisco office. In September 2011, she embarked on an 800-mile solo cycling trip from Beijing to Shanghai. Her goal: to better understand...


  11. Nils Strinning

    Nils Strinning

    Swedish architect Nils Strinning (1917–2006) was one of the leading mid-twentieth century designers who built the foundation of what we now call “Scandinavian Design.”


  12. Frederik Roijé

    Frederik Roijé

    Frederik Roijé was born on June 14, 1978, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. He graduated in 2001 from the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven. Here his preference to interior products...


  13. Mark Daniel

    Mark Daniel is the founder of Slate Design.


  14. Topher Sinkinson


  15. Martin Konrad Gloeckle

    Martin Konrad Gloeckle

    Born and raised in Germany, Martin Konrad Gloeckle relocated to the US in 1996, and recently finished his Master’s Degree in Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute in New York. Martin has...


  16. Carlos Diniz

    Born in 1928 in Phoenix, Arizona, Carlos Diniz trained in industrial design and architecture at the Art Center College of Design, then located in Los Angeles, California. After matriculating, he...


  17. David Battenfield

    David Battenfield

    David Battenfield is an associate project manager at Lundberg Design. "My motivation in design and architecture is to utilize materials, proportion and detail to produce inspiring environments...


  18. Domenic Fiorello

    Domienic Fiorello is a furniture maker based in Rochester, New York.


  19. Adam Xander

    Adam Xander

    Adam Xander's furniture designs are influenced strongly by his Mechanical Engineering background. Adam's designs possess a striking industrial aesthetic, softened by the use of warm hardwoods or...