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  1. Scott Kinkler

    Designer, inventor, entrepreneur and educator, Scott Klinker is passionate about giving form to new cultural ideas. He heads the graduate 3D design program at the renowned Cranbrook Academy of Art...


  2. Margriet Foolen


  3. Jonathan Nesci

    HALE, an industrial design company founded by Jonathan Nesci in 2006, is a part-design, part-production firm based dually in Chicago, IL and Scottsburg, IN....


  4. Julia Rothman

    Julia works from her studio in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002.


  5. Aldo van den Nieuwelaar

    Aldo van den Nieuwelaar is a systematic modular designer; characterized by geometric abstraction, a systematic approach and a minimal use of image resources he gets to an almost timid, more...


  6. In Memoriam: Lucienne Day

    In Memoriam: Lucienne Day

    In the early 1950s Lucienne Day (1917-2010) shook the textile industry, inciting a host of copycats and transforming popular taste. Here we revisit a selection of her lively, original designs.


  7. Stig Lindberg

    Stig Lindberg

    Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) was one of Sweden’s great ceramicists of the 20th century, though, like many designers of his day, he worked in many media—including plastics, textiles, enamel...


  8. Bjorn Wiinblad

    Bjorn Wiinblad

    Bjorn Wiinblad was a Danish artist born in Copenhagen in 1918. He was educated at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen and pursued a career in a range of arts including painting, ceramics, stage...


  9. Romi Hefetz

    Romi Ceramics is a selection of signature hand crafted vases and votives. Designer Romi Hefetz specializes in the art and science of clay and porcelain slip casting, makes and finishes each unique...


  10. Graham Pullin

    Graham Pullin is an interaction designer who teaches at Univeristy of Dundee in Scotland. He has written a book, Design Meets Disbility, and speaks about social issues pertaining to disability...


  11. Marcello Ziliani

    Marcello Ziliani graduated in architecture at the Politecnico of Milan (with Achille Castiglioni as reporter). He is the owner of STUDIO ZETASS, and works on a national and international arena,...


  12. Carmine Deganello

    Carmine Deganello is a lighting designer born in Naples, Italy, in 1974. He graduated from Florence ISIA and has worked with both glass and ceramics. He is well known for his work with Pablo, and...


  13. Paolo Rizzatto

    Paolo Rizzatto was born in 1941 in Milan. He took his degree in Architecture in I965 at the Milan Polytechnic. In his studio he works as a freelancer in the field of architecture, design and...


  14. Judith Hoefel


  15. Victor Papanek

    Victor Papanek

    Victor Papanek is considered one of the forefathers of sustainable and human-centered design. Born in 1927 in Vienna, Austria, he studied design and architecture in the United States, working under...


  16. lepetitoiseau

    35, female, from Dorset, Great Britain.


  17. Charlotte van der Waals

    "My aim is to blend shape, construction and material into visual perfect unity, resulting in products that radiate a self evident quality"...


  18. Robin Day

    Robin Day

    Robin Day (1915- )and his wife and longtime collaborator, Lucienne Day (1917-2010), are often referred to as the "British Eameses," a nod both to their longstanding partnership and the...


  19. Richard Hutten

    Richard Hutten (1967 Zwollerkerspel) graduated at the Academy Industrial Design Eindhoven in 1991. That same year he started his own designstudio, working on a variety of...


  20. George Nakashima

    George Nakashima

    George Nakashima (1905-1990) was born in Spokane, Washington and grew up in the forests of the Olympic Peninsula. A leader in woodworking and sculpture, he received a Bachelor's Degree in...