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A Zero-Energy Community: Part 1

Project Manager Brad Liljequist chronicles the building of the zHome, a ten-unit townhome in Issaquah, Washington—the first multifamily zero-energy community in the United States. Part 1: Introduction to the project.   I am writing this as I sit in the zHome Stewardship Center, which will open later this Fall as a hub of education and market transformation for radically green housing in the Pacific Northwest. I’m surrounded by the sounds of typical construction wrap-up on a residential community—the clink of rebar being laid down for the concrete walkways, Motown being played on the radio by a cleanup crew, and a trackhoe moving larger trees into place. There’s also non-typical sounds—those of drills on the roof, where the solar panels are being installed, and ground source heat pumps starting up for the first time.
September 14, 2011
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Building the Maxon House: Week 24

In our latest Backstory series, Seattleite Lou Maxon recounts the thrills and trials of ditching the suburbs, buying property, and designing and building a modern house with Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects. Week 24: Q & A with Tanner Construction The ultimate success of a project requires much more than just a pocketbook, big dreams, and boundless enthusiasm. It requires the right team. This week I interview Brad Burgess, a partner with Tim Tanner in Tanner Construction. He shares some insights and background regarding their unique approach to our project. Tanner has a history of collaboration with Olson Kundig Architects and especially Tom Kundig, having built internationally recognized projects including Delta Shelter and the Rolling Huts.
August 17, 2011
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Academy Rewards

A pair of photographers employed a pair of architects (they're all buddies) to transform an aging schoolhouse into a modern marvel.
December 23, 2010

Virtual National Architecture Week

The American Institute of Architects kicks off National Architecture Week next week, April 13-19, to continue the public dialogue about architecture in the US. This year they’ve further opened the conversation by hosting the event on Facebook, so as to encourage both AIA members and the rest of us civilians to participate.
April 7, 2009
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Christopher Puzio at Dwell on Design

We editors have started to put together the panels and programming for Dwell on Design 09 in Los Angeles, and I'm very excited to report that San Diego-based artist, gallerist, educator, builder and metalworker Christopher Puzio is on board.
March 27, 2009