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  1. Emilio Said at the University of Houston

    Emilio Said at the University of Houston

    Opening reception for artist Emilio Said on October 7th, 6:30pm, lecture by Said to follow. Artist Emilio Said showcases his take on the modern metropolis, “Unreal Cities: Informal...


  2. Wim Crouwel—A Graphic Odyssey

    Wim Crouwel—A Graphic Odyssey

    The Design Museum celebrates the prolific career of the Dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel in his first UK retrospective. Regarded as one of the leading designers of the twentieth century, Crouwel...


  3. Lisa Congdon

    Lisa Congdon

    San Francisco–based mixed media artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon did not begin making art until she was 33 years old; eight years later, it is now the most significant part of her life and...


  4. Rex Ray

    Rex Ray is a San Francisco based fine artist, whose collages, paintings and design work have been exhibited at galleries and museums, including the The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,...


  5. Kii Arens

    Kii Arens is a Pop-Art Designer with a bent towards Rock-N-Roll. Never formally trained, this St. Paul, Minnesota, native grew up with a fascination for album covers, band logos, and font styles.


  6. Gregory Beauchamp

    "the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace...


  7. Maxine Sutton

    I love the idea of the workshop household described by Mark Rosenthal, and believe in the importance of our interaction with materials, texture, pattern, and the handmade. Recent research evoked...


  8. Jimmy McBride


  9. Amze Emmons

    Amze Emmons

    Emmons' studio practice is built on systems of research; scan the media-scape for cues, images or phrases that draw connections between human migration, community, mobility, transience and the...


  10. Grady McFerrin

    Grady McFerrin

    Illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York.


  11. Clare Louise Mallison

    Clare draws continuously from her studio in Bethnal Green London for a broad range of international clients....


  12. Charles Barsotti


  13. Nathaniel Russell

    Artist and illustrator.


  14. Garrett Morin



  15. Pietari Posti

    Pietari Posti was born in Helsinki, Finland, and now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. After graduating from Lahti Polytechnic BA in Graphic Design (2005) Pietari worked for few months as a...


  16. Dan Funderburgh

    Dan Funderburgh is a wallpaper designer and artist in Brooklyn, NY. His patterns, prints and installations are varied in content but all demonstrate an unabashed love for decorative arts. With inf...


  17. Dan Stiles

    Based in Portland, Oregon, Dan Stiles creates art that is a visual combination of music and design. Over the past 15 years Stiles has collaborated with artists, labels, promoters, and major...


  18. Adrian Johnson

    Over the years, Liverpool born Adrian Johnson has developed a unique and strongly identifiable body of work. His trademark economical, highly crafted, graphic work is constantly evolving, whilst...


  19. Daniel Carlsten

    Daniel Carlsten is an Art director at Acne and co-founder of Acne Art Department 2004-2009. He was awarded the scholarship for promising talent (Kycklingstipendiet) by The Swedish Association of...