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  1. Clare Louise Mallison

    Clare draws continuously from her studio in Bethnal Green London for a broad range of international clients....


  2. Charles Barsotti


  3. Nathaniel Russell

    Artist and illustrator.


  4. Garrett Morin



  5. Pietari Posti

    Pietari Posti was born in Helsinki, Finland, and now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. After graduating from Lahti Polytechnic BA in Graphic Design (2005) Pietari worked for few months as a...


  6. Dan Funderburgh

    Dan Funderburgh is a wallpaper designer and artist in Brooklyn, NY. His patterns, prints and installations are varied in content but all demonstrate an unabashed love for decorative arts. With inf...


  7. Dan Stiles

    Based in Portland, Oregon, Dan Stiles creates art that is a visual combination of music and design. Over the past 15 years Stiles has collaborated with artists, labels, promoters, and major...


  8. Adrian Johnson

    Over the years, Liverpool born Adrian Johnson has developed a unique and strongly identifiable body of work. His trademark economical, highly crafted, graphic work is constantly evolving, whilst...


  9. Daniel Carlsten

    Daniel Carlsten is an Art director at Acne and co-founder of Acne Art Department 2004-2009. He was awarded the scholarship for promising talent (Kycklingstipendiet) by The Swedish Association of...


  10. Todd St. John

    Todd St. John is a designer, animator and filmmaker living in New York City. He grew up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. His work consistently spans many different mediums, including drawing,...


  11. Lars Stroschen

    Lars Stroschen

     Lars Stroschen is a Berlin-based musician, artist, and unconventional hotelier.


  12. Bernd Schifferdecker

    Bernd Schifferdecker is an illustrator based in Stuttgart, Germany.


  13. Sara Dierck

    Sara Dierck

    Sara Dierck is a design researcher, writer, photographer and artist who enjoys creating meaningful connections between products, environments and people.


  14. Abigail Doan

    Abigail Doan

    NYC- and European-based textile artist and writer, Abigail Doan, is an advocate for artisan and slow craft methods for both wearable and functional product design.


  15. Interpreting the California Building Code

    Interpreting the California Building Code

    In a lecture series sponsored by the AIASF, Hans Henneberque, a fire service professional of over thirty-three years, will instruct architects and designers on how to create a safe...


  16. Golden Gate: History and Design

    Golden Gate: History and Design

    In honor of the Golden Gate Bridge's seventy-fifth anniversary, architect Donald MacDonald will lead a discussion and presentation on its history and design. MacDonald will focus on items in...


  17. CAA Ceramic Annual of America

    CAA Ceramic Annual of America

    View and discover ceramic artwork from all over the world at the Ceramics Annual of America. The event held at Fort Mason's Festival Pavilion will include artwork from China, Korea, Mexico,...


  18. Kamal Letterpress Art

    Kamal Letterpress Art

    I stumbled onto Kamal Patel's letterpress work in the Chronicle Books 2010 publication The Little Book of Letterpress, which highlights work by letterpress studios around the globe. The work by her...

    written by: Jaime Gillin