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  1. Zaha Hadid's Milan Installation

    Zaha Hadid's Milan Installation

    As part of last month's Milan Design Week, Zaha Hadid Architects teamed with LEA Ceramiche to create "Twirl," a mesmerizing installation in the 18th-century courtyard of the State...

    written by: Jaime Gillin

  2. Zaha Hadid

    Zaha Hadid

    Zaha Hadid (1950- ) is amongst the most famous, celebrated, and reviled architects working today. Some criticize her work as insensitive to context and function--sculpture at the scale of...


  3. Z-A Studio

    Z-A is a New York studio for design innovation, which is dedicated to exposing the unexpected in the mundane. Z-A explores adaptive materials, structures and infrastructures that can adjust and...


  4. Yuko Shibata

    Yuko Shibata is a Tokyo-based architect.


  5. Youmeheshe

    We are an architectural practice formed to design buildings and environments of significance that benefit the lives of people who use them.  Youmeheshe was founded 05-05-05 by Simon Beames and...


  6. YH2

    YH2 is an architectural firm founded in 1994 by principals Marie-Claude Hamelin and Loukas Yiacouvakis.


  7. Yard Works
    Design 101

    Yard Works

    “Mother Nature is too powerful to try and mimic,” says Shane Coen, whose firm is known for its minimalist approach to the residential landscape.

    written by: Deborah Bishop

  8. X + L Studio

    X+L stands for xander vervoort and leon van boxtel, amsterdam-based designers working together since 1987. Studio X+L is founded in 1996 with its focus on interior design for private homes,...


  9. World's First Lichen Garden?
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    World's First Lichen Garden?

    Last spring, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art unveiled its new 14,000-square foot rooftop sculpture garden, spangled with works by Ellsworth Kelly, Louise Bourgeois and Kiki Smith. To a...

    written by: Jaime Gillin

  10. Workshop for Architecture | Design

    Workshop for Architecture | Design is a Seattle-based architecture and design practice led by Steve Bull. Their current projects include single-family residences, rural retreats, compact...


  11. WORKac


    WORKac is an architecture studio which operates at the edges of the discipline in collaboration with other fields to explore and re-invent the many intersections between architecture and ...


  12. Wonderwall, Inc.

    Wonderwall, Inc.

    Founded in 2000, Masamichi Katayama, founder of interior design firm Wonderwall, elicits an uninhibited sense of energy towards design even in Japan, where architecture and interior design is known...


  13. Winkelman Architecture

    Winkelman Architecture

    Winkelman Architecture is a Portland based architecture studio. Will Winkelman has been a registered architect in Maine since 1989. A member of the AIA, he has been practicing architecture for 29...


  14. Willis N. Mills


  15. Williamson Chong

    Williamson Chong is the Toronto architecture and design office of Shane Williamson, Betsy Williamson, and Donald Chong, experienced architects and academics committed to using both built and...


  16. William Massie


  17. William Krisel

    William Krisel, AIA, principal of the firm of Palmer & Krisel (formed with Partner Dan Palmer), was born in 1924 in Shanghai of American parents working overseas for the U.S. State Department....


  18. Will Bruder


  19. Wilkinson Blender Architecture

    Our charge is to imagine enriching spaces for unique clients in specific places that balance desires with resources. We apply this principle to each scale of our practice: furniture, homes,...