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  1. Peter Behrens

    Peter Behrens created the first-ever unified corporate identity and system of interchangeable parts, which have since become standard operating procedure. As an architect, he designed one of the...


  2. Andrea Branzi

    Andrea Branzi

    Italian designer and architect Andrea Branzi (1939-) once described himself as someone who saw “architecture not as the art of building but as a much more articulated form of thought.”...


  3. Denise Scott Brown

    The leading lady of Venturi, Scott Brown, and Associates in Philadelphia, Denise Scott Brown met her husband and partner, Robert Venturi, while teaching urban planning—and concurrently...


  4. Gordon Bunshaft

    MIT-educated architect and Inter-national Style acolyte Gordon Bunshaft brought modernism to corporate America when in 1952 he designed the Lever House, a 24-story glass-clad office building, in...


  5. Achille Castiglioni

    Achille Castiglioni

    Achille Castiglioni, an Italian designer known for turning everyday industrial items into modern masterpieces, was born in 1913 in Milan. He studied architecture and then began designing with his...


  6. Christopher Campbell

    Christopher Campbell is an architect and a designer living in Portland, Maine. He has been a guest critic at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Fine Arts and at the Boston...


  7. Olivier Brochet

    Olivier Brochet


  8. Piero Lissoni

    Lissoni began his career in 1978 having gained his architecture degree at the Milan Polytechnic and in 1985 started with Boffi Kitchens as Art Director & Designer. With Nicoletta Canesi he...


  9. Robert Venturi

    Robert Venturi

    Architect Robert Venturi is the author of a “gentle manifesto” called Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture; he is the deserving recipient of the 1991 Pritzker Prize; and, in...


  10. Richard Rogers

    Lord Richard Rogers, born in 1933 in Florence, Italy, a 1962 graduate of the Yale School of Architecture, and recipient of the 2007 Pritzker Prize, is most often associated with a generation of...


  11. Werner Sobek

    Werner Sobek was born in 1953 in Aalen, Germany and studied structural engineering and architecture at the University of Stuttgart/Germany, where he also did his post-graduate research. He received...


  12. Terunobu Fujimori

    A longtime professor at the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo, Fujimori came to designing late—he got his first commission at age 44, 19 years ago—but he has...


  13. Hiroshi Iguchi


  14. Nader Khalili

    Cal-Earth is at the cutting edge of Earth Art and Ceramic Architecture technologies today. Founded and directed by the internationally renowned architect and...


  15. Brett Zamore


  16. William Krisel

    William Krisel, AIA, principal of the firm of Palmer & Krisel (formed with Partner Dan Palmer), was born in 1924 in Shanghai of American parents working overseas for the U.S. State Department....


  17. Alexander Girard

    Alexander Girard

    Born in New York City in 1907, Girard was raised and educated in Italy by an American mother and French-Italian father. Much of his most famous work emerged from his time as the director of fabric...


  18. Peter Kuczia


  19. Kathryn Gustafson

    One of Gustafson's recognized abilities is the way she sculpts and rearranges the land. Her intention is to create harmony, serenity and balance between people and nature. Many of her designs have...


  20. Michael Van Valkenburgh

    Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA) has over twenty years experience designing, building and restoring landscapes for a broad range of public, private, and corporate clients. Our landscapes...