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  1. A Zero-Energy Community: Part 8

    A Zero-Energy Community: Part 8

    Project Manager Brad Liljequist chronicles the building of zHome, a ten-unit townhome in Issaquah, Washington—the first multifamily zero-energy community in the United States. Part 8: How...

    written by: Brad Liljequist

  2. A2 Studios

    A2 Studios

    A2 STUDIOS is a contemporary design studio seeking to embrace projects that present challenges of vernacular living within the context of our modern environment. Formed in 2003 and with studios in...


  3. A69 Architects

    A69-architekti, s.r.o. has several dozen projects and realizations to its credit in various locations in the Czech Republic.


  4. Aart Architects

    aart a/s is a young architects practice in continuous, dynamic development towards new experiences and goals. We have been in business since 2000 and have at the moment a staff of 26 employees ...


  5. Academy Rewards
    House Tours

    Academy Rewards

    A pair of photographers employed a pair of architects (they're all buddies) to transform an aging schoolhouse into a modern marvel.

    written by: David Hay

  6. Achille Castiglioni

    Achille Castiglioni

    Achille Castiglioni, an Italian designer known for turning everyday industrial items into modern masterpieces, was born in 1913 in Milan. He studied architecture and then began designing with his...


  7. Acton Ostry Architects, Inc.

    Since our inception in 1992, Acton Ostry Architects has demonstrated a continuing commitment to the making of architecture that responds thoughtfully to local topography, climate, culture and to...


  8. Adam Kalkin

    Part architect part artist, Adam Kalkin reuses shipping containers to create scaleable, flexible, industrial-style homes at reasonable prices. Models range from around 2,000 square feet to more...


  9. Adolf Loos


  10. Agathom Co.

    n the last 12 months, the architectural firm of AGATHOM Co. has been featured in print media like Dwell, The Globe & Mail, Cottage Life and most recently a cover story in Azure. Little bits of...


  11. AGS Stainless Inc.

    AGS Stainless Inc.

    AGS manufactures the Clearview line of 100 percent recyclable stainless-steel railing systems. They are a factory-direct supplier of custom-made, prefabricated railing systems. AGS' DIY...


  12. AIA-SF Home Tours 2010

    AIA-SF Home Tours 2010

    AIA San Francisco’s popular San Francisco Living: Home Tours weekend is the first tour series of its kind in the Bay Area to promote a wide variety of architectural styles, neighborhoods, and...


  13. Aidlin Darling Design

    Aidlin Darling Design bridges the demands of artistic endeavors, environmental responsibility, functional pragmatics, and financial consideration.


  14. Aino Aalto

    Architect Aino Marsio met Alvar Aalto in 1924 while working for his office in Jyväskylä, Finland, and the two were soon off on an Italian honeymoon. With a visual artist and art historian...


  15. Akihisa Hirata

    Osaka-born architect Akihisa Hirata is a specially appointed associate professor at Tohoku University and part-time lecturer at Kyoto University and Tokyo University.


  16. Albert Frey

    Albert Frey

    Swiss-born architect Albert Frey (1903-1998) was Le Corbusier’s first prodigy to practice in the United States. After working with Corbu on International Style–defining projects such as...


  17. Albert Skiles

    Albert Buchanan Skiles has practiced as a licensed architect in Arkansas since 1981, building a diverse body of designs that feature natural materials, relationship with the landscape and open...


  18. Alchemy Architects (WeeHouse)

    Alchemy Architects (WeeHouse)

    While Alchemy is known internationally for their design of the weeHouse, a large portion of Alchemy’s business is more traditional architectural design services including new builds, commercial...


  19. Alden B. Dow

    Alden B. Dow

    Alden B. Dow, the son of the founder of The Dow Chemical Company, started designing structures with leaves when he was eight. He opened an architectural office in 1934 in his hometown of Midland,...


  20. Alejandro Sticotti's Teahouse

    Alejandro Sticotti's Teahouse

    I met with the Argentinian architect and furniture designer Alejandro Sticotti a few months ago while he was in San Francisco, and he showed me photos he'd snapped the previous week, while on...

    written by: Jaime Gillin