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seth ernsdorf concrete dwell on design

Exhibition Snapshot: Ernsdorf Design

Fourth-generation stoneworker Seth Ernsdorf presents his custom concrete creations on the showroom floor of Dwell on Design.
June 28, 2009
cleveland art dwell on design

Exhibition Snapshot: Cleveland Art

We are on the ground at Dwell on Design, exploring the conference and talking to exhibitors. First up is Cleveland Art, a furniture design company that specializes in pieces made from salvaged industrial materials.
June 27, 2009
Reclaimed Space

Exhibition Snapshot: Dwell Outdoor

From modern prefab sheds to luxury tent lodges, organic planters to living walls, Dwell Outdoor is one of the most anticipated exhibitions at this year's Dwell on Design.  
June 27, 2009
Dror Benshetrit portrait

DOD Preview: Dror for Target

The multidisciplinary designer Dror Benshetrit specializes in what you might call "sleight-of-hand design." With a twist of the wrist, a little audience participation, or maybe just a change of perspective, his work for clients from Levi's to Cappellini transforms right before your eyes. This year, the Tel Aviv-born Benshetrit joined the ranks of Phillippe Starck and Michael Graves as the latest creative to be corralled into the Target designer stable, with the launch of Dror for Target this month, to be featured at Dwell on Design. We called him at his studio, located on 39th Street in New York's bustling Fashion District, to ask about working with Target, how designers should look to the fashion world for inspiration, and why it's important to touch your possessions every once in awhile.
June 25, 2009
the bathroom reinvented virginia gardiner 1x1

The Bathroom Reinvented

Who says poo is taboo? In the first episode of Dwell's new video series, The Bathroom Reinvented, Virginia Gardiner makes a case for talking candidly about the can, explaining the designer's role in improving the loo.
June 23, 2009
Ford and Ching Design Finder Thumbnail

Extended Interview: Willard Ford

Long gone is the era of single careers. In 2005, Willard Ford left the world of non-profits to follow his passion for furniture and design. He launched FordBrady in downtown Los Angeles with designer John Brady. Earlier this year, Ford relaunched the company as Ford&Ching with Andrea Ching and plans to open a showroom in Oakland, California. The goal, however, is still the same: to bring high design to our living room.
June 22, 2009
Linda Harriet Thank You Card Closeup

Thank You Cards by Linda and Harriett

Getting a thank you card in the mail, especially after having hosted a party or given a present, is a rarity today. What our mothers and fathers dashed off as a matter of course now marks you as a slightly atavistic warrior in the battle for politeness. Do it.
June 19, 2009
yves behar crop

Yves Behar in Conversation

Among other great sessions at Dwell on Design, we're looking forward to a conversation with designer extraordinaire, Yves Behar. Known for numerous wildly successful products, from the first $100 laptop known as XO to the ubiquitous Jawbone bluetooth device, the Swiss industrial designer approaches his work with a focus on sustainability and human experience.
June 17, 2009
sticotti residence thumbnail

Net Assets

Argentinean materials, a roiling economy, and a pinch of personal tumult served as the recipe for furniture designer Alejandro Sticotti’s Buenos Aires oasis.
June 17, 2009