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  1. Video: Emerging Designer: Jason Miller

    Video: Emerging Designer: Jason Miller

    The first subject in our emerging designers series, Jason Miller draws on threadbare bits of Americana, serving up something entirely new with a sly, subversive spin.


  2. Video: Emerging Designer: Louise Campbell

    Video: Emerging Designer: Louise Campbell

    The Danish designer Louise Campbell has animated Royal Copenhagen and other traditional brands with a playful, experimental spirit.


  3. Emerging Designers: Della Valle Bernheimer

    Emerging Designers: Della Valle Bernheimer

    From the creative foment of Brooklyn comes Della Valle Bernheimer, a young design firm committed to new forms of collaborating.


  4. Emerging Designer: Jake Barton

    Emerging Designer: Jake Barton

    Jake Barton is designing a new breed of museum, one that favors local voices over curatorial authority. They are places for dialogue, not lectures.


  5. Design Leader: Adam Kalkin

    Design Leader: Adam Kalkin

    At a time when many architects are content to peddle a pat routine, Adam Kalkin is a truly original thinker. His work is industrial grit mixed with poetic touches and a dash of performance art.


  6. Design Leader: The ReBuilding Center

    Design Leader: The ReBuilding Center

    As part of our Design Leaders video series, Shane Endicott discusses the genesis and growth of the ReBuilding Center in Portland, Oregon.


  7. Design Leader: David Baker

    Design Leader: David Baker

    As part of our Design Leaders video series, David Baker explores San Francisco's growing Livable City campaign.


  8. Design Leader: Michelle Kaufmann

    Design Leader: Michelle Kaufmann

    As part of our Design Leaders video series, prefab specialist Michelle Kaufmann shares her philosophy on sustainable modular construction.


  9. Design Leader: Julius Shulman

    Design Leader: Julius Shulman

    As part of our Design Leaders video series, legendary architectural photographer Julius Shulman reflects on his life's work.


  10. Design Leader: Ken Isaacs

    Design Leader: Ken Isaacs

    As part of our Design Leaders video series, architect Ken Isaacs reflects on the innovative projects that defined his career, from the Shoebox House to the Knowledge Box.


  11. Design Leader: Kathryn McCamant

    Design Leader: Kathryn McCamant

    As part of our Design Leaders video series, architect and cohousing expert Kathryn McCamant talks about a lesson learned from the Danes: Bringing houses together brings people together.


  12. Design Leader: Christopher Deam

    Design Leader: Christopher Deam

    As part of our Design Leaders video series, architect-designer Christopher Deam discusses his modern take on the classic Airstream.


  13. Design Leader: Andrea Cochran

    Design Leader: Andrea Cochran

    In the first installment of our Design Leaders video series, Dwell talks to landscape architect Andrea Cochran.


  14. Design Leader: Kate Orff

    Design Leader: Kate Orff

    Landscape architect Kate Orff marries urbanism and environmentalism, creating instances of nature among skyscrapers and concrete.


  15. Design Leader: Chip Kidd

    Design Leader: Chip Kidd

    The sly, striking book jackets designed by Chip Kidd have altered the face of publishing and helped us to view books as art objects, as well as literature.


  16. Denise Korn

    Denise Korn

    "In 2003, Denise Korn marched into the Boston public school system with one goal in mind: to demystify the process of design. She had already learned, as copresident of the Creative Economy...

    written by: Dwell Staff

  17. In The Modern World

    Space of Diplomacy

    On August 7, 1998, two car bombs went off nearly simultaneously in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya, killing more than 220 people and all but destroying the U.S. embassies there. The...


  18. Marcel Wanders

    Marcel Wanders

    “It’s a mess up here.” Marcel Wanders is talking about his brain, and the necessary disorder of an open mind in design. “Philosophy is not one truth, but thousands of truths...

    written by: Jane Szita
    photos by: Adam Broomberg

  19. Byoung Cho

    Byoung Cho

    Agricultural buildings aren't really designed, someone just made them. I try to design like that—so it looks like it's not designed at all, it's just there."

    photos by: Julian Broad

  20. The Suburbs Strike Back

    The Suburbs Strike Back

    Swedish prefab specialists Smedshammar + Holmberg are on a mission to rescue their compatriots from boring suburbs—and their deep-seated suspicion of architects.

    written by: Jane Szita