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Modern house with ipe facade designed by Julia Knezic

All in the Family

Young architects often design homes for their parents. But for Toronto's Julia Knezic, it was an especially intimate job: her mom Susan Farkas's new house is next to her own. When the property became available, she lured her parents into moving from their suburban neighborhood. "My mom said, 'Fine, but I want a new house.' " It was a deal: Julia designed a new 2,100-square-foot open-plan house, with generous public rooms and only one bedroom, for the site. The process became more intense when her father passed away—and more so as Julia gave birth to her two kids. But Julia's mother moved in, and welcomed Julia's clan to live in the basement as they remodeled their own place. "This was conceived as a house for one person," Julia explains,"but the idea was to make the spaces as comfortable as possible for the whole family." And with an intergenerational mix of decor and two happy kids, it's working out fine.
August 6, 2012
Modern house with white facade in London, England

7 London Houses We Love

Friday marked the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England. In celebration of the city's finest works of residential design, we've collected seven homes—including one by starchitect David Adjaye and a mind-boggling polychromatic residece by Ab Rogers— in which we wouldn't mind spending a night. 
July 27, 2012
Porches Inn in North Adams, Massachusetts

Porches Inn, North Adams, Massachusetts

In 1985, the Sprague Electric Mill in North Adams, Massachusetts, closed down. Like many similar western Massachusetts towns supporting heavy industry, North Adams relied on its factories to provide the jobs and sense of community that are at the core of a thriving city. While cultural attractions in nearby Williamstown and Great Barrington had kept the youth and creative classes hovering in the area, the town itself was in danger of falling off the map.
July 17, 2012
American inventor Willis Carrier

Happy Birthday, HVAC

Here's a random fact for the day: July 17, 2012, marks the 110th anniversary of the humble air conditioner. Sure, overheated and crafty peoples had invented one-off cooling devices before American inventor Willis Carrier installed his air conditioning unit in a Brooklyn printing factory in 1902, but consider Carrier the Edison of plugged-in temperature control. While we hide indoors from this summer's fourth heat wave, here are a few cool pieces of A/C trivia.
July 17, 2012
Laurinda Spear of Arquitectonica

Corporate Wisdom: Laurinda Spear

In our July/August issue, we take a look at 15 women leading the design world, one of whom is Laurinda Spear, cofounder of the Miami firm Arquitectonica. We spoke with her and three other women who have climbed to the top of corporate architecture to learn about how they got their start and what advice they'd give to other women in the field. Here's an extended interview with Spear that ranges from vampires to balancing work and family to her elation at having her daughter Marisa join the firm.
July 6, 2012
Massachusetts house of Toshiko Mori with modern wood and steel facade

Modern Martha's Vineyard Retreat

A Martha’s Vineyard retreat surpasses the traditional boundaries of Cape Cod architecture with a contemporary design by Harvard professor and practicing architect Toshiko Mori.
July 4, 2012
raw steel facade of modern house in Idaho

Facade Focus: Steel

Idaho-based architect Susan Desko—previously a senior design architect for Frank Gehry—created a house built of untreated steel plate and glass that towers among the trees of its Ketchum landscape.
July 3, 2012
Housemuseum in Melbourne Australia

All the Home's a Stage

In a Melbourne suburb, a family of four redefines “interior design” with a private house that doubles as a public art gallery.
June 17, 2012
exterior focus corkellis 2

Exterior Focus

Our June 2012 issue (on newsstands now!) emphazises stunningly designed and thoughtfully crafted interiors, but we think exteriors deserve equal acclaim. Each of the faces of the featured residences embodies a unique character: the dark and steely Housemuseum in Melbourne, Australia, is a 180-degree turn from its soaring interior spaces and crisp, white walls covered in bright artwork; Kathryn Tyler's Falmouth, England, home looks to be a series of stacked volumes from the outside and is as refined and elegant as the mid-century furniture sheltered within; the drought-tolerant landscaping around Bill Thompson's Hollywood bungalow is tuned in with its southern California climate and provides the perfect poolside setting; and the 1920s Mediterranean-style shell of an Atlanta family's home reveals nothing of its contemporary furnishings, which were hand-selected by Dwell-favorite Barbara Hill. Flip though our slideshow for a peek at these homes and find the full stories in the Interior Design Issue.
May 30, 2012