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Housemuseum in Melbourne Australia

All the Home's a Stage

In a Melbourne suburb, a family of four redefines “interior design” with a private house that doubles as a public art gallery.
June 17, 2012
exterior focus corkellis 2

Exterior Focus

Our June 2012 issue (on newsstands now!) emphazises stunningly designed and thoughtfully crafted interiors, but we think exteriors deserve equal acclaim. Each of the faces of the featured residences embodies a unique character: the dark and steely Housemuseum in Melbourne, Australia, is a 180-degree turn from its soaring interior spaces and crisp, white walls covered in bright artwork; Kathryn Tyler's Falmouth, England, home looks to be a series of stacked volumes from the outside and is as refined and elegant as the mid-century furniture sheltered within; the drought-tolerant landscaping around Bill Thompson's Hollywood bungalow is tuned in with its southern California climate and provides the perfect poolside setting; and the 1920s Mediterranean-style shell of an Atlanta family's home reveals nothing of its contemporary furnishings, which were hand-selected by Dwell-favorite Barbara Hill. Flip though our slideshow for a peek at these homes and find the full stories in the Interior Design Issue.
May 30, 2012
Elements house by William Kaven Architecture

Elements by William Kaven

So often the architectural press gets caught up in the look of a place without considering how it might also feel. The team at William Kaven Architecture seeks to rectify that with a new video of their Elements house in Mosier, Oregon. As William Kaven and the film's director, Daniel Kaven, put it, "Too often architecture is relegated to static images, even though the inherent art of architecture is three-dimensional and fluid. In film, one can hear and move from one space to the other, which is much more like living and breathing in a space." This film, showing a house still very much in progress, also has a splendid stillness to it—a wonderful antidote to the click-mad design blogs and eyecandy sites that push the latest rendering from star firms. So watch this short video, let it push you to contemplate how architecture can make us feel, and dream, just for a moment, of such a spectacular view.
May 24, 2012
dark grey metal house Villa DVT The Netherlands by BoetzkesHelder

Facade Focus: Metal

While still studying architecture at Eindhoven University, Servie Boetzkes and Jeroen Helder landed a commission through “friends of friends” to build a home in a suburb of Arnhem.
May 22, 2012
LEGO® Modern Home Design Competition

LEGO® Design Competition Finalists

Dwell joined forces with Pacific Standard Time to appeal to the architect—and child—within us all. The challenge was to construct a model of an original home inspired by iconic California mid-century modern architecture only using LEGO bricks. Now it's time to reveal the five finalists vying for the grand prize to be awarded at this year's Dwell on Design.
May 14, 2012
wooden Newton House Massachusetts by NADAAA

Facade Focus: Wood

A Boston couple with a big extended family wanted to enlarge their brick neo-Georgian with an addition that would fit a generous kitchen and hangout space, all while avoiding superfluous detail. Or, as architecture firm NADAAA interpreted the brief, they wanted a “clean space where they can evacuate themselves from their stuff.”
May 2, 2012
brick facade House BVA in Belgium by DMVA Architects

Facade Focus: Brick

Yves Borghs and Katleen van Ammel wanted their new house to offer maximum privacy but also maximum light. The solution proposed by Tom Verschueren, of Mechelen, Belgium-based DMVA Architects, was to create a closed street-side facade with an open backside facing the garden, totally glazed from the ground up to the saddleback roof. On the street side, the only true opening is the door; the seven tall, slim windows are screened by what Verschueren calls “knitted” bricks. “In this part of Belgium, 90 percent of the houses are built with brick,” says Verschueren. “It’s a classic material that we tried to use in House BVA in a totally different way.”
May 1, 2012
farmhouse renovation in Eldred, New York

Hope Floats

A self-taught designer embarks upon a solo mission to resuscitate a 19th-century homestead.
April 25, 2012
Soe Ker Tie houses in Thailand-Burma

Meet Upstart Humanitarian Architecture Duo TYIN Tegnestue

Two young Norwegians take a hands-on approach to do-good design with projects in remote Thailand, Bangkok, Sumatra, and beyond.
April 13, 2012