Explore - Wood

  1. Yusuke Tsujita


  2. Kurt Dexel

    From Kurt Dexel builds beautiful, clean, and modern crafted furniture. His work is a reflection of his background in engineering, an affinity for modern aesthetics, and his dedica...


  3. Andrew Moe

    From his website: Andrew Moe's design education began at Princeton, where he minored in studio art. After apprenticing with a furnituremaker in Cambridge, Mass. several years later he enrolled full...


  4. Masakage Tanno


  5. Ulf Hanses

    Ulf Hanses is a playful functionalist with both depth and character. He has been with Playsam since its early stages and among other things, has designed Playsam's ...


  6. Christopher Kurtz

    Christopher Kurtz (born 1975) grew up in the small, remote, middle- America town called Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Excelsior Springs, far from American art and design hubs like New York or Los...


  7. David Brunicardi

    David Brunicardi got his start designing and building furniture in 1998.  DB Furniture is a San Francisco based company that ...


  8. Matt Richmond


  9. Stanley Ruiz

    Stanley Ruiz is an industrial designer and media artist with an extensive background in craft design and production. In his works, he fuses the industrial with the natural to create strange yet...


  10. Molly McGrath

    Molly McGrath is professionally trained as an architect. After using a laser cutter to make architectural models, she recognized the machine's potential to make unique jewelry and prints.


  11. Dylan Gold

    Dylan Gold creates unique hand-crafted furniture with a twist -- pieces that enhance the experience of your everyday life by challenging the mundane and conventional. His work is guided by three...


  12. Thomas J. Ptacek

    Profile Tom Ptacek is an accomplished builder and designer with over 25 years of experience. He moves seamlessly from restoring historic structures and building contemporary homes to designing fur...


  13. Seppo Koho

      Secto Design Oy is a Finnish company specializing in wooden designer lamps. Secto Design lamp shades are handmade from Finnish birch by highly skilled craftsmen. The designs by interior arch...


  14. Seth Rolland

    Seth Rolland works from his studio in Port Townsend, WA, an hour and a half from Seattle.    Visitors are welcome, please contact Seth to arrange a time fo...


  15. Arne Vodder


  16. Michael Iannone

      MICHAEL IANNONE graduated from Rowan University in 2000 with a BFA in Studio Art. He has been designing and building furniture for over 6 years, and has worked for two years as a luthier c...


  17. Dave Marcoullier

    dave marcoullier is a certified arborist and landscape designer, and much of his work is an extension of those two disciplines....


  18. Gitane Royce

    Gitane Royce

    Gitane Royce is the founder of Modern Playhouse. She is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing of products using sustainably sourced materials from responsibly managed forests, organic fibers, and...