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Tania da Cruz

April 3, 2014
creamer and sugar

Put a Cork on It

Cork wears many faces—it's waterproof, biodegradable, durable, antibacterial, and highly versatile. No wonder these six designers wisely chose to outfit their products in the impermeable material.
March 29, 2013
Ceramic and cork canisters by Dokter and Misses

Dokter and Misses

“I love Johannesburg-based Dokter and Misses’ ceramic and cork canisters and clever light-and-shelf combo.”
April 24, 2012
Wine and Bar Winestopper by Aurelien Barbry for Normann Copenhagen

Cork Wine Stopper, Pourer

As more wineries are turning away from cork to seal their blends, Normann-Copenhagen is bringing the wine stopper back to its origins with a new set of corks made from, but of course, cork.
October 11, 2010