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  1. 5 San Francisco Home Renovations
    Houses We Love

    5 San Francisco Home Renovations

    The City by the Bay is known for its diverse mix of Victorian and modern architecture. Maintaining these aesthetics, here are just a few San Francisco home renovations.

    written by: Kate Santos

  2. 5 Great Guesthouses
    Houses We Love

    5 Great Guesthouses

    From in-laws to visiting artists, its nice to accommodate traveling guests. These modern guesthouses combine style and hospitality to keep your visitors close to home.

    written by: Dwell Staff

  3. Industrial Shipping Container Bathroom

    Industrial Shipping Container Bathroom

    When a pair of San Franciscans recast their loft with a pair of shipping containers, their bathroom got the full industrial treatment. Exposed pipes, copper fittings, and a slate of custom work by...

    written by: Aaron Britt
    photos by: Drew Kelly