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PLUG's Jungle Research Station

When veterinary doctor Taranjit Kaur, her husband and molecular biologist Dr. Jatinder Singh, and their three year old daughter Simran set out to live and do research for a year in the remote Mahale Mountain National Park in western Tanzania, they knew they would need a home that could do some serious architectural and scientific heavy lifting.
March 9, 2009
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Stumptown Rock

Even before construction was complete, the Stump House was turning heads. When its green-minded future owners learned of its shining environmental résumé, they knew they’d found a place to call home.
March 4, 2009
These recycling-friendly bins will ensure that you'll never refuse to properly deal with your refuse.

Trash Bins

Dear Dwell, I pride myself on recycling each week, but I'm unhappy with the unorganized mess of bottles and cans in my kitchen. Are there any attractive options for trash bins that integrate recycling? —Candice Houghton, Portland, Oregon
March 3, 2009
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Interior Designer Peter Bentel Reviews 5 Barstools

Frontways, sideways, backward, or leaning against the back. Breakfast, beers, or bitters. The versatile barstool is indeed a perfect place to perch.
March 1, 2009
Two Aussies living in England mustered up the courage to buy an acre of land in Noosa, 140 clicks north of Brizzie, without having laid eyes on it. The result: a modern take on Queensland vernacular.

Hillside Family Home in Australia

An unvisited ocean-facing plot of land, a couple of architect neighbors, and one giant leap of faith have netted a pair of erstwhile Londoners a dream home of their own in northeast Australia.
February 28, 2009
The metallic geometry of the Boxhome's exterior shines in confident contrast to the dark woods used indoors.

Nice Box

In October, the light in Norway is cold and diffused by rain. It's "our worst month," says John Roger Holte, a Norwegian artist and builder. The weather may be dismal here, but the Boxhome, which Holte helped build, gleams with optimism and modernity.
February 26, 2009
The Floating House rests in a cove on Beth and Doug Worple's horseshoe-shaped private island. Clad in raw cedar, it's a contemporary riff on the traditional boathouses found throughout the area—but simplified, as architect Michael Meredith puts it, into a

Floating House, Lake Huron

On the edge of a tiny island accessible only by boat, this buoyant summer home lives the life aquatic.
February 26, 2009
Eric Garcetti and Amy Elaine Wakeland have spent several years adapting and landscaping a mid-century home in the neighborhood of Echo Park, near downtown Los Angeles.

Echo Logical

Los Angeles is not all mini-malls and highways. As Eric Garcetti, president of the City Council, shows, it is eminently possible to live green in the City of Angels. By putting solar power and recycled materials to use, he and his partner transformed a mid-century house on a cozy hillside plot into a sustainable home with garden terraces and panoramic views.
February 26, 2009
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Modern Off-the-Grid Retreat in Oregon

The Watershed is an off-the-grid writer’s retreat that architect Erin Moore designed for her mother, nature writer Kathleen Dean Moore.
February 26, 2009