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dulkinys spiekermann portrait kitchen thumbnail

A Rational Approach

Typography guru Erik Spiekermann and his wife, designer Susanna Dulkinys, hate 
clutter. That’s why they love the supersleek Berlin domicile they constructed to have 
just the right lines—and a host of energy-saving features behind the scenes.  
June 28, 2010
Dwell on Design 2012 Wallter Showroom

Live from the Show Floor: Wallter

We've always admired the metal Slat Rack coat hanger by Wallter. At Dwell on Design, the Richmond, California–based design company debuted a new series of products: the Post, Wall, and Hang powder-coated spun aluminum planters. The owners, husband-wife team Max and Linda Geiser, launched the company in 2000 and continue to craft all the textiles themselves and have almost the rest of their collection fabricated two miles down the street. Dwell associate editor Miyoko Ohtake popped by the Wallter booth and chatted with Max about the company and the new pieces.  
June 26, 2010
Grcic’s studio is his home base, where he surrounds himself with books, music, and his work. “Work is life and life is work,” says the 45-year-old designer, who spends much of his time working for small, high-end design firms. Last year, the Art Institute

Industrial Designer Focus: Konstantin Grcic

Industrial designer Konstantin Grcic has done it all, from spoons to umbrellas to lights, but he’s best known for his data-driven chairs.  We dropped in on his Munich studio to sit awhile in his seats.
June 18, 2010
Baxter Blade Crop

Baxter of California Anniversary Razor

If your standard Father's Day gift loops round pop's throat, why not swap silk for steel and get him something he'll really stick his neck out for? The 45th Anniversary cut throat razor from longstanding California men's grooming gent's Baxter of California is a handsome, handmade, American-made antidote to your standard Schick. The blade is manufactured in Michigan by the folks at Hart Steel and a gold "45" stamp and a horse butt leather case round out the dapper design. Granted, at $345 they don't come cheap, but it's hard to imagine that you'll ever need to buy another straight razor after this one. Unless of course you've got some Sweeney Todd thing going on. In which case we suggest you go electric.
June 18, 2010
auburn 7 exterior portrait thumbnail

Lucky 7

Thanks to Los Angeles’s Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance, the developers of Auburn 7 were able to maximize their property’s potential. With a host of sustainable features, including solar power and a community garden, these row house–like homes provide new models for the ever-expanding metropolis.
June 17, 2010
the met exterior facade

Met Life

Climate-controlled high-rises make sense when the changing seasons bring extreme temperature shifts, but in Bangkok, year-round hot and humid days blend into similarly sultry nights. Enter the Met, an award-winning residential skyscraper by multidisciplinary design firm WOHA. Located in the heart of Thailand’s capital, the tower gives the western model an eastern makeover and welcomes the elements into its infrastructure.  
June 9, 2010
tozer residence exterior facade thumbnail

A Slender Geothermal Cottage in London

On an eight-foot-wide site in London, architect Luke Tozer cleverly squeezed in a four-story home equipped with rain-water-harvesting and geothermal systems.  
June 1, 2010
portrait gijs bakker

Q&A: Gijs Bakker

As cofounder of the iconic Dutch collective Droog, industrial designer Gijs Bakker further defined the design identity of his homeland, the Netherlands, as simple and playful, conceptual but clearly realized. He has also brought contemporary jewelry design to the fore, focusing on the principles behind the pieces as opposed to their "handmade virtuosity," Bakker recently acted as artistic director for Yii, a Taiwanese collaborative uniting traditional craft and modern design. Recently he sat down with us to answer a few questions.
May 25, 2010
revival of the fittest interior portrait myers snyderman on couch

Revival of the Fittest

Located at the ever-shifting intersection of design, fine art, and craft, R 20th Century has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small vintage boutique in Brooklyn over a decade ago. Since then, the gallery has cast aside the kitsch, moved to Manhattan, and gained an international reputation for its well-appointed exhibitions and expansive catalog, representing designers from decades past and present. Furniture and decorative pieces from a handpicked stable of oft-overlooked or obscure creative visionaries like Greta Magnusson Grossman, Wendell Castle, and Sergio Rogrigues are all on display, and founders Zesty Meyers and Evan Snyderman work with the sensibilities of uptown museum curators. Keen to share the stories behind their collections with everyone who enters their Tribeca showroom, they also produce lush, well-researched publications to accompany their installations. R 20th Century has become a destination for design diehards from around the world.
April 17, 2010