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  1. WBS Construction

    WBS Construction

    W.B.S. Construction Incorporated was established in 1995 by John Weed and R. Curtis Bosworth, both with extensive experience in residential and commercial construction.


  2. Energy that is All Around

    Energy that is All Around

    Presenting more than 125 works by five artists who launched their careers in a gritty San Francisco neighborhood in the early 1990s, Energy That Is All Around/Mission School is the first East Coast...


  3. Aurora Landscape

    Aurora Landscape

    Aurora Landscape offers horticultural expertise in landscape construction. Serving the Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas with residential and commercial landscaping, Aurora Landscape offers a...


  4. NOA


    No Architecture is an internationally award-winning practice based in New York City dedicated to the radical exploration of nature, ecology, and urbanism through innovative architecture. The office...


  5. Minds On Design

    Minds On Design

    Join Dwell L.A. Editor, Erika Heet and L.A. industry innovators for lively discussion, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres as we explore the ways in which various disciplines, environments and experiences...


  6. Bernard Trainor + Associates

    Bernard Trainor + Associates

    Bernard Trainor + Associates is a California-based landscape architecture studio that balances the individual personalities and interests of their clients with the inherent site conditions...


  7. Grounded Landscape Architecture and Design

    Grounded Landscape Architecture and Design

    Grounded is a landscape architecture studio based in Virginia, and is the brainchild of Anna Boeschenstein. Grounded's projects explore sites through the overlap of context, materials and...


  8. Indra Janda

    Indra Janda

    Indra Janda is an architect based in Belgium.  


  9. Formwork Architecture

    Formwork Architecture

    Formwork Architects is an architecture studio based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  


  10. Dlandstudio


    Dlandstudio is an interdisciplinary architecture and landscape architecture firm founded in 2005 by Susannah C. Drake in Brooklyn, New York.


  11. Greenlab Studio

    Greenlab Studio

    Greenlab Studio is a landscape architecture studio that specializes in green wall and green roof design to enhance urban spaces. 


  12. Dirtworks PC, Landscape Architecture

    Dirtworks PC, Landscape Architecture

    Dirtworks PC, Landscape Architecture is an internationally published and award-winning landscape architecture firm located in New York City. Their projects range from intensive urban rooftop...


  13. WORKac


    WORKac is an architecture studio which operates at the edges of the discipline in collaboration with other fields to explore and re-invent the many intersections between architecture and ...


  14. Paula Hayes Studio

    Paula Hayes Studio

    Paula Hayes is an American visual artist and designer who works with sculpture, drawing, installation art, botany, and landscape design. A major theme in Hayes' work is the connection of people to...


  15. SLO Architecture

    SLO Architecture

    SLO Architecture is an architecture firm founded in Madrid by Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi and based in New York City since 2007. SLO links realms of urban and architectural design with...


  16. Stephen Stimson Associates

    Stephen Stimson Associates

    The landscape architectural firm Stephen Stimson Associates was founded in 1992 by Stephen Stimson. The firm's regional work is deeply rooted in an agrarian sensibility that is reflected through...


  17. Mark Word Design

    Mark Word Design

    Mark Word Design is a firm based in Austin, Texas, specializing in residential and commercial design.  


  18. Hoerr Schaudt

    Hoerr Schaudt

    Hoerr Schaudt is a Chicago-based firm that specializes in garden and landscape design. Their purpose is to connect people with the land by synthesizing the client’s needs with the essence of a site...


  19. Studio Studio Studio is a landscape architecture firm based in Portland Oregon. They are committed to environmentally sensitive design through adaptation and innovation, practiced within a framework of...


  20. Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

    Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

    The work of Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture sculpts space through a seamless integration of landscape, art and architecture. Their work draws boundaries with a controlled palette of materials...