Explore - Spain

  1. P.I.G.S.


    P.I.G.S. is the first solo exhibition in Spain by Paris-based artist Claire Fontaine, whose work revolves around the exploration of the political, economic and social context and on how...


  2. Oak Form

    Oak Form

    Oak Form is a design studio founded by Bianca Cheng Costanzo. Drawing inspiration from both technology and the arts, the studio designs simple products for the home that are both functional and...


  3. Cloud9


  4. Nanimarquina


    A brand has many faces and each product always tries to give a synthesis of all of them: of who thinks up the product, of who makes it, who looks after it, and all those who enjoy it. This,...


  5. Kettal

    Founded in 1964, Kettal started by distributing aluminum camping and beach furniture and then went on to manufacturing aluminum and wooden furniture.


  6. Delica

    We create objects with a careful eye on contemporary homes.


  7. Lagranja Studio

    The idea for Lagranja was born on a Pacific island in the summer of 2001. A year later, in Barcelona, Gerard Sanmartí and Gabriele Schiavon started to develop ideas and offer visions and...


  8. Stone Designs


  9. RS Barcelona

    RS Barcelona

    RS Barcelona is a small design firm founded by Rafael Rodríguez Castillo in 1975 that makes what it calls "intense living furniture." The firm, now run by the Castillo's two sons, is known for...


  10. Habitan Architects

    HABITAN was formed in 2006 by a group of young architects from Barcelona that share the same attitude and understanding towards design and architecture. Their objective is to share resources,...


  11. Gandia Blasco

    Gandia Blasco

    Begun in 1941 as a manufacturer of blankets, GANDIA BLASCO today is represented in 75 countries and manufactures a wide range of high end outdoor furniture, textiles, and products. GANDIA...


  12. Stua

    STUA was founded by the designer Jesús Gasca in 1983 with the mission of creating, producing and marketing collections of timeless contemporary furniture. ...


  13. Vibia Design

    VIBIA’s mission is to make it easier for every individual to identify with the space in which they live through our unique range of lighting products. Used by consumers and design...


  14. Marset


    Begun in the 1940s as a family foundry business, Marset reestablished itself as a lighting company—Marset Illumiación—in 1965. The Barcelona–based organization creates innovative, clever lighting...


  15. Estiluz

    Founded in 1969 in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona, Spain) just outside of Barcelona, Estiluz S.A., is devoted to the design, development and manufacturing of high-end decorative lighting. Due...


  16. Graviti Zone Rugs

    Mónica Ibáñez founded GRAVITI ZONE RUGS at the beginning of 2008 and began working with a group of designers to create the first collection. Everyone at the company is yo...


  17. Emiliana Design Studio

    After graduating from London's Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Ana Mir and Emili Padrós set up the Emiliana Design Studio in Barcelona in 1996. Ana and Emili's work is...


  18. Lladró


    Lladró creates all its figurines in the City of Porcelain, located in Tavernes Blanques (Valencia). The first buildings were opened in 1969 and with the company’s global expansion they...


  19. EMBT | Enric Miralles – Benedetta Tagliabue

    EMBT is a Barcelona-based architecture studio.


  20. Dvelas


    Dvelas's aim is to recover used sales that already have their own past history, to give them a new life through design and art. All thier designs are inspired by observing sailing techniques, nauti...