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5 Things You Should Know About Modern Prefab Construction

The Monogram Modern Home, a prefab designed by Method Homes featuring a luxury kitchen outfitted with Monogram appliances, has been touring the country, making appearances in Portland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, and soon Boston, on September 11-12. Before the tour concludes, we want to take this opportunity to muse on the importance of modern prefab construction, a topic we cover extensively at Dwell.
September 1, 2015
Monogram Modern Home in Phoenix

An Inside Look at the Efficient Monogram Modern Prefab

The Monogram Modern Home is continuing its tour across the country. After stops in Portland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Austin, it will travel to Dallas on August 21st-22nd and then Boston on September 11th-12th. Needing to feel comfortable in hot climates and withstand lots of foot traffic on the tour, the material choices in the prefab home, designed by Chris Pardo for Method Homes, were extremely important. Here, we break down the key materials in the structure.
August 17, 2015
Solatube kitchen

See How Solatube Products Stream Natural Light Into Even the Darkest Corners of the Home

Solatube's tubular skylights are a clever, energy-efficient way of introducing natural light into virtually any part of the home. Click through the slideshow to see how their system illuminates modern homes.
July 27, 2015
Austin Airbnb exterior

An Austin Airbnb Is a Blissful Getaway

At their spacious Airbnb in Austin, Paul and Jessica D’Arcy demonstrate how modern hospitality can be intimate at any scale.
July 21, 2015
monogram modern home dodla appliances  0

A Chef Shares Her Thoughts on the Ideal Kitchen for Entertaining

The Monogram Modern Home, a prefab home manufactured by Method Homes and outfitted with luxury Monogram appliances, is working its way across the country on a grand tour. After starting in Portland, it traveled to Los Angeles for Dwell on Design. The 825-square-feet home is outfitted with a complete kitchen, where Chef Hayley Christopher prepared treats and appetizers for guests. Here, she shares her thoughts on what makes a kitchen great for entertaining, and her experience cooking for hundreds of people in the home.
July 13, 2015
Bosch kitchen

Bosch Brings Refined European Design to the Kitchen

Steeped in the principles of Bauhaus, Bosch kitchen appliances prize functionality without sacrificing beauty. Click through the slideshow to see how their products simplify all aspects of cooking and cleaning meals.
July 10, 2015
flor carpet tiles heaven sent installation

Ditch the Area Rug: This Easy, Modular Carpet System Has Serious Green Cred

FLOR's modular carpet squares allow users to completely customize the flooring in their home. The easy-to-install tiles are also a sustainable choice—each panel, made with eco-friendly materials, can be cleaned or recycled individually, ensuring that no excess material ends up in the landfill.
July 6, 2015
KitchenAid appliance with a red medallion

5 Essential Design Elements of the Modern Kitchen

The kitchen has evolved significantly over the years, and new advancements in technology and materials continue to push the space into new territories. Yet the key characteristics of the modern kitchen show no signs of going away. Here, we take a look at five core principles of the modern kitchen.
June 29, 2015
todd bertsch porsche powered by design portrait

Meet Todd Bertsch, Architect Behind Porsche's Bold New Headquarters

Architect Todd Bertsch crafted a dynamic North American headquarters for Porsche that harnesses the energy of the brand's automobiles and staff. For the final installment in their "Powered by Design" series, Porsche and Bertsch sit down to discuss the inspiration behind One Porsche Drive in Atlanta.
June 22, 2015