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House NA by Sou Fujimoto

5 Creative Uses for Ladders in Modern Spaces

Ladders aren't just for lofts—check out these contemporary spaces that are creative as their twists on the traditional climbing structure.
September 30, 2015
plane house greece bathroom bathtub

8 Quirky Bathrooms

Bathrooms are some of the most private rooms of any home, so it's no surprise that they can be the most idiosyncratic and unique. Check out these 8 examples that definitely caught our eye!
September 29, 2015
playroom with yellow table and built-in benches

6 Spaces Designed for Kids to Play

Play spaces are unique opportunities for design: architects can be more colorful while introducing children to the importance of modern design. Check out these six cool places designed for play!
September 28, 2015
modern fairhaven beach house blackbutt eucalyptus master bedroom

5 Bedrooms with Breathtaking Views of the Water

Greeting the day isn't such a challenge when your room gazes out over a magnificent body of water.
September 28, 2015
clearlake it house interior office

5 Donald Judd-Inspired Designs in Modern Homes

While he vehemently disavowed the label of "minimalism," Donald Judd led the way for spreading that aesthetic movement. His artworks emphasize craft, materials, and simple geometries while rejecting any attempt at conventional artistic representation or categorization: he insisted his pieces were not sculpture as they were actually fabricated by skilled craftsmen (with Judd just supplying the design). Judd did design some furniture though he distinguished these functional products from his art. See how these architects and clients were inspired by his work!
September 25, 2015
Modern living room with free Tufty-Time sofa by Patricia Urquiola, a Soft Grid blanket by Established & Sons, and a wood-burning stove by Stuv.

7 Modern Homes With Wood-Burning Stoves

The fall season is in full swing—which means winter's just around the corner. Prepare for the chilly months ahead with ideas from these modern homes that make use of the timeless and energy-efficient wood-burning stove.
September 24, 2015
Cho relaxes in the first-floor living room, where paintings by up-and-coming Germany-based Chinese artist Ruo Bing Chen play off a sofa and coffee table designed by the architect himself.

6 Striking Exposed Concrete Interiors

Concrete can be a difficult material: it's expensive and requires a carefully-formulated mix of ingredients to get the desired look. However, as these 6 interiors attest, it can be worth it!
September 24, 2015
Bancroft residence awning and picnic table

5 Outdoor Dining Areas We Love

Like a park's picnic table built into your home, outdoor dining areas are a great way to effortlessly spend more time outdoors. Tour these five lovely examples from houses we've covered.
September 24, 2015
Gary Freemantle painting hanging above a Gerald Parsonson sofa

When Designers Produce Furniture for their Own Homes

Whether it's an architect designing a few pieces or a pro filling their home with their products, we've assembled seven homes were the designer created their furniture.
September 24, 2015