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rooftop solar panels

The Future of Solar Water Heating

Dwell hosts a Q&A with Mike Landau, solar water heating program manager for SoCalGas and Nurit Katz, chief sustainability officer and executive officer for facilities management at UCLA, exploring innovations in solar water heating.
July 17, 2015
herbst house exterior

7 Small Summer Getaways

Summer is all about indoor-outdoor living on a pared-down scale. Check out these surf shacks, vacation homes, and guest pavilions that are small on space and big on style.
July 16, 2015
Home Security illustration 7

You're Not Crazy, Drones Really Could Be Trying to Infiltrate Your Home

Is that a drone hovering near your property line? Drew Porter’s pocket-size radio device for compromising entire smart homes can be effective three or more blocks away from a target. This means that if a burglar can’t physically approach your house because of a camera or an alarm, they can still fly a signal-jamming device into your neighborhood, using an off-the-shelf drone, to switch things off from afar. Drone attacks on the suburbs are already considered enough of a threat that UAV-detection systems can be installed to listen for the telltale whir of tiny rotors.
July 16, 2015
Clustered Tower House with steel and cedar facade in Melbourne

6 Super Skinny Houses

When life gives you lot restrictions, make it slender. The architects and homeowners behind the following buildings found clever ways to make the most of tiny footprints and other challenges.
July 14, 2015
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Meet the Good Guys Trying to Hack Your Smart Home

Hidden among the many benefits of a Smart Home are subtle vulnerabilities that today’s security researchers are just beginning to understand.
July 13, 2015
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How Secure Is the Modern Smart Home? We Ask a Professional

The burglars’ tools of tomorrow will look more like robots and radios than lockpicks and crowbars. A security expert weighs in.
July 13, 2015